DQS Review by Wendy Liang from Inner Mongolia

by Wendy Liang on 2019/08/05

hdImg_f0eb2c8b669676d4dae7424db8eee3da1580959373067I am an interpreter from Inner Mongolia, I continued to learn practical method for third time during the month of July .I felt honored to learn with Shabar from New York and Mike from France.
Shabar studies hard, and I was very impressed with his learning habits . He took a lot of notes , and also asked Coach Pang many questions about Taichi theory. For example, when performing the positive circle , Shabar wanted to make sure that he correctly understood whether or not the inner thigh (also known as Kua)should turn, whether the knees are opening and closing, and how to stretch out the elbow joints.
Mike is a coach working in Thailand now. He is enthusiastic about the practical method. He was also helpful during we exercise ,showing me how to adjust our body . Especially when doing the step back to whirl arms movement. For me personally, it was difficult to adjust my body position to a 45degree angle, however, with Mike instruction, I was able to overcome this problem.
Through coach pang’s demonstration, students also learned the proper way to do other techniques, including spiral rotation and the push hand, which I thought was the most interesting. Also, it was really helpful and gave students great confidence to learn how that even weaker people can protect themselves and defeat a stronger opponent by using only a small amout of effort.
We were all attracted to the magic of practical method, and I noticed that the more the students learned , the more interest they seemed to have, I personally learned so much, and really developed a deeper appreciation for Master Chen’s teaching and philosophy. I was quite impressed the whole month’s training, and I am inspired to move forward and keep learning , while improving my health through exercise, along with developing self defense skills.
Although good friendships were made during the month as we studied and trained together, the foreign students were also very interested in learning about the great culture of China. Hopefully ,they will take many good and positive views of China back to their home countries, encourage better understanding and relationships throughout the world.
Time really did seem to fly but quickly as we all stay busy and had fun together. I am a bit sad that the month of July has past, but I am happy to report that the students promised to try to return to Rizhao again next year.
I appreciate having the privilege of serving as a translator between coach Pang and the foreign students. Coach Pang is certainly a very effective teacher in explaining his ideas and demonstrating proper techniques. I hope that I was also successful in my effort to assist coach Pang communicate his thoughts to the students.

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Wendy Liang February 5, 2020 at 8:40 pm

Today, I watched the video of Coach Chen Xu’s explanation on fist draping over body , only to realize that it is very important to grasp the details. It turned out that I only did the movements with both hands in isolation, and did not cooperate with the rotation of the two Kua . Suddenly, I felt tired when I was doing as what the coach said with in conjunction with my hand’s actions. Then coach Chen also said that the dropping hand could not be retreated,when doing the reverse circle, and dropped directly. I would not do it at all. After trying for a long time, I felt a little bit better. The most uncomfortable is the following one. The strength of the hand is extended outward. The strength of the elbow is to go inward . I have practiced many times. I understands what the coach said. yet it seems impossible to do it.This will truly appreciate the charm of practical method. The awkward movement became unawkward, and I thought about what Chen Zhonghua said, so I started practicing over and over again, and then gradually improved a lot. My physical control ability was better. Only then did I realize the importance of practicing foundation and understand that the seemingly simple negative circle is not simple. It contains great theories from Tai Chi. After studying the video carefully, I found out that with the coach’s guidance, how important it is for us to learn practical method,we can not be confused. We can also take less detours and protect our bodies. During this very epidemic period, we will live more gracefully and healthily. I am fortunate to be a member of the practical method family. I will walk down this avenue of light, no matter how hard and difficult.


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