2019 Day 1 Phoenix workshop

by Paul Carlson on 2019/08/05

Notes from Day 1, Phoenix Practical Method Workshop
These are pretty rough, just short statements.

Every movement needs to have intent and some reference. When we do taiji we need intent. Taiji is governed by yin yang.

We need to see what is really there. Usually we think we see but that is not what is really there.

On positive circle – don’t movement
On the “out” the back knee goes back, push with the back foot, don’t move shoulder. The back knee, kua, and shoulder move backward.

The two ends move in opposite directions. Establish a center then move in a line that goes through the center. Establish a line. You can indent the line but cannot move it. Every move is a mirror move.

You cannot train your body to be different, you can only train your moves to be different.

Double heavy is when body parts move with another part. Body parts should move only with intention not because another part moved. Double heavy is when you make a move and another part follows.

Contraction is when one part that does not move and the two ends come together. The middle never gets involved.

We always do what is right.

It is not how strong, it is how clear.

Difference does not have to be big but has to be clear.

When you are doing a move with an opponent you need to move like you are doing the form.

Match your opponent then add one. When your opponent does something then you match it. Passively wait for his move then match it.

Need to establish a line. The body can produce up to 18 lines. When adding a third line, never give up the first two lines.

Locate a dot, don’t move the dot. Then all the moves you make, you never move.

To apply, to cover, to aim, to swallow (not sure if I have the correct characters)
敷蓋对吞 fū gài duì tūn

听进 tīng jìn

Once you can feel a match then you can add.

We should not be soft but need to develop a range of motion.

What you do with your foot translates to 9 times to the hand. Stand like a pile.

If there is no resistance we cannot create power.

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