Sven’s 2nd Da Qing Shan stay, 3rd week

by Sven Carl Gusowski on 2018/09/16


From the 9th to 11th of September 2018, Master Chen and Mister Wang Xin, a big regional liqour manufacturer, took us to Chenjiagou (Chen village), the birthplace if Chen Style Taijiquan!


It’s been a 6 hours car ride with many landscape scenery to view. I will give you only some quick impressions…

IMG_0815 IMG_0822 IMG_0805 IMG_0832

After registration we spotted the scene. Huge crowd of Taiji practitioners from all over China.


ChenXu, amongst others, joined the Push Hands comeptittion, whereas me, Tian Wenbo and Taiji sister Wang Guixiu took part in the Yilu and sword form competition.


(Chen Xu at the right side)


(Tian Wenbo at the right side :D)


(Wang Guixiu)

…and I ranked Silver πŸ˜‰


We also had time to take a look around the town, which had been reconstructed after several huge amounts of donation from some privateers.


Some of the Chenjiaogou competititon team, left to right:


Me, Wong Kai, Qiu Yindong, Tian Wenbo, Wang Guixiu


Mister Wang Xin had been very generous and invited us to several meals and also to the inner part of Chenjiagou, with statues, wall paitings, museum etc…

IMG_1008IMG_1017IMG_1009IMG_1011 IMG_1012

The three gates to Taijiquan (there are two more behind the first one, if you please take a closer look πŸ˜‰


1. Yilu / 2. Push Hands / 3. you become God-like (meaning VERY good!!)


Yin & Yang everywhere πŸ˜‰

Outside again, you can find Yang Luchan’s original training spot…


…and some very yummy street food

IMG_1053 IMG_1056

…to help keeping up the good training.


So last thing for now – however hard you train:




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Kelvin Ho September 18, 2018 at 7:53 pm

The translation of the last sign should be “Watch out for the slippery surface”.


rakumm September 19, 2018 at 4:36 am

Thank you Sven for your impressions. Very interesting. The last translation seems to be very common. Our tour guide during my China trip told us the same thing for entertaining the group. But nevertheless read carefully before sliding between heaven and earth. This is a great and amazing country.


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