Sven’s 2nd Da Qing Shan stay, second week

by Sven Carl Gusowski on 2018/09/11

After returning from Tai An, unfortunately I caught a cold, so I stayed home a couple of days to sleep it off…

eventually, some good ol’ chinese noodle soup did the trick πŸ˜‰



So I could enjoy the Rizhao sunrise again…


On the following weekend, Master Chen gave a workshop in Rizhao, quite spontaneously, yet with many students attending.


By the way, have I mentioned that the studio is right at the seaside?


And that there are beautiful sunsets, too?


And very nice people to meet πŸ˜‰
IMG_0755 IMG_0681 IMG_0489IMG_0756

And, of course, the training!


One very personal event took place during this weekend: as some of you might now, I broke my right elbow about ten years ago, and remained slightly handicapped ever since, meaning I have restricted movements in all directions. Now, during that workshop, for the first time since that injury, I could extend my arm to it’s almost full length!!

All medics gave up on my arm years ago, so I am very thankful for Master Chen’s teaching and guiding! Spread the news: Practice Taijiquan Practical Method as an original martial arts, and you will get the health benefits for free!

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