Training on the principle of “Don’t move” while using power.

by Sevastianos Maillis on 2018/07/01

In Chen style Taijiquan Practical Method the power is delivered to the opponent through the principle of non-movement.  As “Don’t move” is one of the fundamental instructions in the system in order to separate the completion of a form in layers of a circle, the body has to be trained in the same way, meaning with set restrictions.

In the following video Master Chen is demonstrating the method of training the yin-yang reversal in the body, in order for the power to be directed to the hand without being caught in the inside of the body.

In this video it is demonstrated how to practice the method of “not moving” in order to generate power through the separation of yin and yang in the body and how it is applied when engaging with an opponent.

While practicing the form, the principle of “Do not move” is being trained by not telegraphing while performing the moves.  In this way through the yilu practice the student will gradually be able to recognize the lines of application, as well as the concept of moving into one line.

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