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It was not until I tried to follow the first of the essential videos of Master Chen when I saw the difference, and practically feel the changes in the body.

Precise instructions, every time!
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During a discussion on the English speaking Wechat group for PM a very interesting question was pointed out by Pawel Muller from Vienna.

As set by Ping Wei from Phoenix on the chat, the question was noted as what comes to the mind of a PM student, when Master Chen speaks about power.

Alexandra Hasenfratz from BC Canada answered that it’s the ability to move or take down someone or something.

Paul Carlson from Fort Collins as well as Rainer Kummerfeldt from Luebeck, added the concept of power in physics.

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In Chen style Taijiquan Practical Method the power is delivered to the opponent through the principle of non-movement.  As “Don’t move” is one of the fundamental instructions in the system in order to separate the completion of a form in layers of a circle, the body has to be trained in the same way, meaning with set restrictions.

In the following video Master Chen is demonstrating the method of training the yin-yang reversal in the body, in order for the power to be directed to the hand without being caught in the inside of the body.

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Yesterday I had the luck to assist Master Chen and Pavel Codi in filming a corrections video in Prague. Apart from the valuable corrections received as an observer, later also had the opportunity to touch, see and feel exactly what Master Chen was describing before. Read more