Training from Square to Round

by bruce.schaub on 2014/10/26

TShapedYinYang-trailer-fullOne of the lessons Master Chen elaborated on at the recent New York workshop was the principle in taiji of training from ‘ Square to Round ‘. This is an abbreviation that describes the difference in the body ( and the resulting changes ) that are the result of training the foundational method of Yilu vs. Cannon Fist , which is the implementation of foundation , applied in martial technique.

The more full expression of ‘ square to round ‘ , that was discussed in the workshop, was that, in the Yilu, ” …..the inside is ‘ square ‘ and the outside is ‘ round ‘….. “, meaning the inside linear movements apprear as a circular move on the outside, and that in Erlu ( cannon fist ) , ” …..the inside is ‘ round ‘, and the outside is ‘ square ‘…..”, meaning the rotation of the inner core, is circular, but the outside of the body must have the ability to fold or ‘wrap’ around corners ( square ).

Although this is really a very big subject requiring a lot of explanation, the following video helps to put these expressions into perspective.

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I studied Yang style taiji for 5 years and Wu Style taiji for 15 years, until beginning Practical Method in 2011. I was accepted as GM Chen Zhonghua's disciple in the summer of 2014 in New York.

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