Welcome New Disciples to Our Practical Method Family

by Ping Wei on 2018/01/22

凤凰城拜师18 - 01     During Phoenix Practical Method workshop on January 21, 2018, Master Chen Zhonghua accepted Winston Wang and Benjamin Benefiel as his indoor disciples.

Winston Wang, disciple number 258, was from Taiwan, China. He moved to USA in 2004, now lives in Irvine, California. Benjamin Benefiel, disciple number 259, is from Phoenix, Arizona. They have been studying Practical Method since 2015 under Ping Wei, also a disciple of Master Chen and head teacher of Practical Method in Phoenix, Arizona.

凤凰城拜师18 - 09Ping Wei met Master Chen in Phoenix in 1997. Since 2003, he has been hosting Master Chen’s Practical Method workshop in Phoenix annually. Ping Wei became Master Chen’s disciple in 2007.凤凰城拜师18 - 06




凤凰城拜师18 - 07凤凰城拜师18 - 02凤凰城拜师18 - 08

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