Student’s comments on Master Chen’s Phoenix Workshop

by Ping Wei on 2016/10/06

Master Chen’s Practical Method workshop and private lessons in Phoenix, Arizona, October 1-4, 2016.

Gerry Gebhart: A few minutes of instruction, at least a year of work to do.

Winston Wang: Totally agree to @Gerry Gebhart. A few minutes of instruction, at least a year of work to do. And most importantly, to know what to work on.

Benjamin Benefiel: I was luck enough to have a private lesson yesterday. I am thankful for being reminded of how little I actually know, and how much learning I have ahead of me. Thank you again, Master Chen.

Alfred Yu: I also totally agree to @Gerry Gebhart and @Ping. Lots of thing to work on the next year. Furthermore, as Chan laoshi said if you haven’t tasted an apple no matter how much you read, heard or watch is totally meaningless. Thank you Chen laoshi for letting me touch the 3 points, I finally starting to get the idea and the purpose.  Just an FYI, the 3 points are referring to the 3 vertices of the triangle.


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Carina Cirrincione October 9, 2016 at 10:57 pm

Excellent workshop! Thank you Master Chen for sharing your knowledge. Thank you all so much!


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