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Lucas Brouns June 20, 2017 at 12:48 am

Dear reader,

The workshop in Prague have been so good.
The practicing and instruction methods were set up nice and smooth.
This created much space to learn from master Chen Zhonghua, from Brennan, from each other (and from your self I reckon).

I write this review from Amersfoort, in the Netherlands. Please comment as you like. [Admin, feel free to repost this if there is a better place in the website.]

There was a fine balance in some more intensive excersises and giving yourself a rest.
For two items the group was split up but mostly we were all together.
Sometimes a small group got together after one of the breaks, to start a little earlier with stories or exercises.

In external martial arts, the muscle looks great; it is easier to practice because people will watch you. So our style is more difficult to practice..

At the age of arount 60 human muscle and bones start declining. It’s ok to use muscle in excersising to learn Yilu. But we work towards using less muscle.

Grandmaster Chen Zhonghua advised us: “Practice Yilu every day. Do the Foundations.” We said farewell and thanked the Master.

After the weekend, I personally felt my bones were stronger and whatever is around my bones is more relaxed.
I felt at home in my body and had some wonderful memories from a safe period in m childhood.
I created an opening in a pestering little conflict with a neightbour, that had lasted for several years.
Some excersises were hard but I skipped a few as my body condition is not so good in this period of my life.
Still I have done things I would’t have guessed I could do.

I wish the Master, the Disciples and everybody here good luck. Thank You and See you again!
Thank you Lukas and Pavel for the hospitality.


Lucas Brouns March 17, 2020 at 6:15 am

From my notes I made in this two-day workshop: “Most taiji is externally based internal martial arts: touch, feel, then feel an opening an hit; or decoy and attack. But in a real fight you don’t have time to feel. In Practical Method, we touch immediately without hesitation to make one or two contact points so we can feel.”
Master Chen demonstrated this by stepping into the person coming towards him, and putting one of his hands on their arm or on their shoulder/chest, and his other hand on the side of their arm or behind their shoulder.
This strategy of touching the other person immediately to get information I find very useful. Also in common, daily communication by not looking away so often. I get more information now in conversations.


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