Morning class, 15.05.2017

by Sarah on 2017/05/15

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here my notes of our class today. There was no title, so I would name it: Sequence to complete an action.

Step 1

– is totally free; there is no system

– ex.: go upstairs: one can step with the left foot our right foot first, any position thinkable

– taiji example: making contact with the hand, however and wherever

– learning this step normally takes 3 years

Step 2

– is free, as long as step no. 1 is not affected

– ex.: foot on the steps has to stay, cannot move anymore, but how you are getting the rest of the body on the stairs too, is totally free

– taiji ex.: you can move every point of the body, to come in as long as no. 1 is not moving

– learning this step normally takes 10 years

Step 3

– is free, as long as the centre of no. 2 is not destroyed

– centre can be everywhere

– centre results from size, weight, angles, speed, power etc.

– to learn this step takes normally 30 years


Chen Laoshi: “You have to put this into your yilu”, what for me is very difficult, as I am not sure about the no. 2 in every position, before going to the next one. I hope this knowledge will come to me 😉


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