2017-04-01 Richmond Hill Class – Fetch Water

by Mark Hanley on 2017/04/01

fetching water,
– you must be in front bow stance with weight on front
– back hand open on belly
– front arm down open hand to thigh
– move front KWA out as the only movement – when front arm moves bring elbow to body

Kelvin ho had us doing this foundation exercise today. Issues I had around the move that I experienced

1. Moving shoulders ( I needed to press down first, move the kwa and capture the internal movement to go across my belly rather than up to my back shoulder)

Kelvin indicated that once stretched I should hold it for a minute or two to help loosen the kwa.

2. Moving front hands and arms independently ( the kwa works like a lever attached to the rope and pail gathering well water; when the rope moves back and forth so does the pail) the hands and arm cannot move independently

3. stance too high , I needed to perform the above in a lower stance

About Mark Hanley

I have done Aikido, Karate and Wig Chun. I have practised tai chi for 7 years and have now started the practical method with Kelvin Ho as my instructor

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charlie wishon April 2, 2017 at 3:04 am

1. Front hand is a stretch. Don’t say open.
2.establish the line. Move all parts to the line.
Open the KUA into the line.the stretch is from the front foot to the rear shoulder. On your #2
Think of the hand/front arm as the guide for the rope. The rear shoulder pulls the rope pulling the pale. Reset is a ratchet action. Meaning the rope never has slack. It never releases the pale. ALL in all I like your notes Mark. Think about the description. In your notes the words you use make some things seem unclear. Thank you for them . Keep up the good work!


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