Note from Toronto class – Sat Dec 10, 2016

by lucaslu on 2016/12/14

1. Yilu tips on “Lower Cloud Hands”

Lower Cloud Hands on first 4 movements:

a. the left hand movement should be clear and accurate – either positive circle or negative circle;

b. ensure the movement is complete without short cut.

Lower Cloud Hands on Cover Steps:

Tips for moving right leg to left side:

a. head hangs up all the time;

b. keep spine stretched and straight;

c. keep left knee unlocked;

d. shift weight to left leg before moving right leg;

e. form a stick on left side.

2. Correction on Single whip

a. two arms should be leveled;

b. ensure right shoulder is not popped up;

c. both arms need to be stretched out;

d. face 45 degree front-left.

3. Recommendation from Kelvin:

a. Do more Yilu. More practice will help to realize/correct mistakes. Improvement should be seen in a long run.

b. Always consider hand and fore arm are one piece. Do not bend wrist.

c. When one hand is pushed by opponent do not focus on how to push opponent back. All we need to do is to follow positive/negative circle to push hand out. The opponent will be pushed out as the result of the action. This complies with number one concept – “indirect”.


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