2016/12/15 – Richmond Hill – Beginner – positive circle

by Mark Hanley on 2016/12/15

The instruction is very simple elbow in turn the waist out with hand


I found that I had bent my wrist in Block touching coat and that I repeated this wrist turn in the positive circle. Kelvin helped me understand what I had done, after correction suggested I use a mirror at home to reinforce the elbow rotation without moving my wrist independently. I took this advice and found that It really helped.

So now I bring my elbow in, it rotates more easily by turning the waist and then the straighter arm always the hand to extend better

About Mark Hanley

I have done Aikido, Karate and Wig Chun. I have practised tai chi for 7 years and have now started the practical method with Kelvin Ho as my instructor

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