Close to it: Romania Workshop Review

by Gigi Firicel on 2015/07/14


Romania Workshop 2015


One week  ago Master Chen held the first workshop in Romania. Four years ago I myself took my first step  in the practical method world, buying  the first video: foundation. In these four years  I met Master Chen three times in workshops across Europe. It was not easy. Without this modern approach which allows  you to work  using videos from, it would have been  impossible for me to make any progress.


So I used this tool in terms of watching, listening, trying hard to copy everything, for four years. During this period I had a friend on whom, let’s  say twice a year,  I tried applications. It never worked. Every time I had to  back to the table. One month before Master Chen arrived in Romania, an old friend of mine saw the announcement of the event in the town and  was curios what is all about. During our talk in the park about practical method,  I invited him to push my hands hard a few times. As he was pushing, at one moment I don’t know what happened: he was lifted and rotated in the air, landing hard on this back, face up. We were both surprised and it especially struck me, because my introduction  was not too friendly. The next days I tried hard different moves, but it didn’t work again.

Workshop Photo

Workshop Photo

Workshop Photo

Workshop Photo

After the  workshop  I worked  with  Master Chen on  yilu correction. I saw the moves of the teacher closely. And they are so different from mine. His body posture and constitution is totally different. I was totally overwhelmed by my teacher at seeing  all this. What you see is not what it is.


This is  new start for me in practice, also for the  people in  my country who are interested in this.
If somebody asked me if it is possible to achieve taiji skills,  I would say: the art is real. Even without acknowledging, you are  sometimes touched by this. Only training hard day by day, you can get  close to it.


Practicing in Romania Park


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