Gigi Firicel

I was born in May 1973 in the south of Romania. When I was a kid in the Communist era, I saw a Chinese martial arts movie in the theater.
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First Yilus 2016 2

by Gigi Firicel on 2016/01/18


Romania Workshop 2015


One week  ago Master Chen held the first workshop in Romania. Four years ago I myself took my first step  in the practical method world, buying  the first video: foundation. In these four years  I met Master Chen three times in workshops across Europe. It was not easy. Without this modern approach which allows  you to work  using videos from, it would have been  impossible for me to make any progress.


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The first  Practical Method workshop held by Master Chen  Zhonghua in Romania will take place in  Cluj-Napoca city  on July 4 – 5  2015.

Location is  Anghel Saligny high school – Blvd. 21 December 1989, no. 128-130.


I met Master Chen in Prague, more than that , I took a private hour lesson to check my Yilu. It was an old dream of mine from childhood to meet a master and  study with him.

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