Practical Method Workshop in Phoenix 2015

by Ping Wei on 2015/06/04

Master Chen Zhonghua Practical Method Workshop
Phoenix, Arizona
September 26-27 (Saturday & Sunday), 2015

Theme of the workshop: The harmony of Gong and Fa

In Practical Method, our daily training is aimed at increasing our martial abilities, which as a result will improve our overall physical well being. The training is precise and purposeful. The motto of the Practical Method is “Every move is useful.” Foundations and Yilu are the core or Practical Method. Cannon Fist is the advanced form. The workshop will present the training methods so each students will have a better understanding what they are training for when they are doing foundations and yilu.

If you are new to Practical Method, you will learn the foundations and some Yilu moves correctly from the very beginning. If you are an advanced student, specific corrections based on your skill level will be done by Master Chen during the workshop. Push hand is always used in order to clearly demonstrate any specific moves and their energy alignments.

Foundations, Yilu, Cannon Fist and push hand will be covered in the workshop.

Workshop Location:     World Martial Arts Academy
2028 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ

Time:     9am to noon, 2pm to 5pm each day.

Fees:         $250 for two day workshop. $150 for one day.
(For out of town students, please send in a check to secure your spot in the workshop. The check is paid to Ping Wei. The mailing address to Ping Wei is 10622 N. 8th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85020. Do not send any mails to World Martial Arts Academy.)

Contact:     Ping Wei, 602-373-3457,

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Sharon betts July 7, 2015 at 10:00 pm

I will attend the Saturday workshop


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