Toronto Jan 2015 Workshop notes

by Brennan Toh on 2015/01/24

Notes from Toronto workshop:

-Make the dot longer to control where they fall. Must add 3rd dimension. Curved line automatically works in 3 dimensions.

-Change of position allows the length to be changed. Do not change the angle.

-Big toss or small toss doesn’t matter. It’s lost. Always gain ground.

Brannan Toh-Three points: hand, foot, waist. Hand and foot lock, lead with the waist. Leading with the waist ensures the three points are even. Like if two people are grabbing both ends of a stick, then push the middle. The two ends will move evenly (they are still locked).

-Relaxed is better alignment. Not loose. (we talked quite about this point and what ‘relaxed’ means)

-If there is not stretch, there is no power. If there is no fixed spot, there is no stretch.

-Sink down to grind out. Sink rear kua down, grind hand out. (Positive circle.)

-Rotational thing cannot have one bit of deviation. You must be extremely extremely tight to have rotation. Like a tension belt in a car, or the bike chain. Bones stop moving, then move the joint (space). Most people whole body is yin (space/loose) or yang (stiff).

Brennan Toh and Chen Zhonghua-There are only 3 ways to learn. Authority – Listen completely to authority, accept without question. Delete previous info. Punishment and reward are two (incentive). Three is ignorance.

-Divide their line into two parts. Long and short. He has long, but he is fighting himself. You take short, control the short.

-You can only win by making the line longer, or rotating more. Make the line longer physically, or by adding more pieces into the line. Rotating more requires more mobility.

About Brennan Toh

Brennan Toh is a 20th generation practitioner of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method and disciple of Chen Zhonghua. He began learning Practical Method in China in 2011, and has returned to Daqingshan many times since. Located in Canada, Brennan has assisted as an instructor in workshops in Europe, Australia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

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Allan Haddad January 25, 2015 at 4:55 pm

Third last note (on learning):
– Are all three required, or just one is them?
– Please explain last two requirements.


Chen Zhonghua January 25, 2015 at 6:15 pm

Any one of them will do. You noticed that all three point to one thing: motivation or a reason for learning. All other reasons are not real reasons.


Alexandros January 26, 2015 at 8:33 pm

Hi Master Chen
i found the below clip on youtube. do you think that this is a good example of moving without moving.
does your dantien feel like it rotates similar to the sphere here? i am wondering if the Green rotating mount whith power on it could be could represent a point just above the perineum and the Blue mount which has no power on it the arm pit?

i would appreciate any insight here on how to apply this visual aid to the body. Cheers


Chen Zhonghua January 26, 2015 at 9:03 pm

The body can do this much better and easier as there are more parts to use. The key is to have the ability to use individual body parts at different times.


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