Set Up the Furnace

by bruce.schaub on 2014/12/08

Dan Tian and Kua

In a Phoenix Workshop a couple years ago, Master Chen talked about different schools of thought related to the concept of ” Setting Up the Furnace “. This has to do with the formation of a real and working Dantien. One school of thought believes, this is done energetically and when formed causes changes in the body. The other school emphasizes changing the body to ‘create a space’ for the dantian to exist. I will let you guess which school of thought Master Chen adheres to. Or you can watch the video for yourself… ( I will post a link down below ).

But aside from schools of thought, here is an excellent video explaining the relationship between an ‘ open kua ‘ , Dantian movement, and ‘ true intention ‘. For us creating the ‘ housing ‘ for the dantien to sit is directly related to the meaning of ‘ open kua ‘. And not until you build it into your body you can understand…. ‘ the true intent is without intent ‘ — CZH

The lecture on ” Setting up the Furnace ” is in Adam’s 2nd private lesson in Phoenix. In it Master Chen says ” when the Kua is open, the dantian is ‘ released ‘, when the dantian is ” released ‘ it can rotate. It is one of my favorite videos on the site and is very comprehensive on the Kua, as well as many other very important topics. I really cant’ recommend it highly enough.


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MoreTaiji December 12, 2014 at 9:05 am

Bruce, do you know the names of the two types of schools ? And, were they concerned only with Taijiquan or another type of teaching ( alchemy)?


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