New Hampshire Workshop Photos 2013-09

by admin2 on 2013/10/02

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Carol M October 4, 2013 at 7:25 pm

Master Chen helped us to refine our practice and understanding of the application of the Yilu form of Tai Chi. It was interesting and helpful to learn the underlying function of the specific Tai Chi movements. I considered the two days as time well spent in my effort to improve my own Tai Chi practice, and I felt a renewed commitment to my study and practice.


Limatngo October 5, 2013 at 4:18 pm

I too had the opportunity to attend the two day workshops with Master Chen.

The New Hampshire Workshops with Master Chen were coordinated by my instructor Lin Lin Choy and, as they have been every year, were very helpful to me on many levels. Being the third year of Master Chen coming to New Hampshire I had the opportunity to see Master Chen and many fellow Practical Method Yilu practitioner’s I had not seen in some time. Like an extended family we were all able to listen and experience Master Chen’s teachings of the Practical Method Yilu as well as practice specific elements of the form in a hands-on approach.

On day 1 in the morning Master Chen introduced us to the Hunyan Qigong concepts and exercises. I must admit I have little to no knowledge of this area of study and it was fascinating to learn about the history of Hunyan Qigong as well as practice the first 4 movements. Through our exercises we focused on our hold of the Bang or Ruler, our breathing and I was really surprised how these movements were able to really loosen up my shoulders; an area of binding that normally occurs in my shoulders. It was a great way to lead into doing the Yilu and various hands on activities that were to come later on. Because of these experiences I plan to explore the Hunyan Qiqong videos on this website and practice this movements on a regular basis.

Later on that day we transitioned into doing the Yilu and through Master Chen’s instruction really explored the concepts of proportional movements and indirect power. Through push and pull drills many of the elements within the Yilu form changed for me. Changed in the way I looked at and practiced the movements. Ultimately it has affected the structure and physical feeling of the form as I practice.

At the end of Day 1 I also had the opportunity to have a private review of the Yilu with Master Chen. Though admittedly I was somewhat nervous he provided specific guidance and corrections to my Yilu that I greatly appreciated. His insights and corrections have already helped me improve my how I move through the form, the position of my hands and elbows, etc.

On Day 2 we continued our Yilu instruction and we learned many things from Master Chen. Through hands on activities, personal corrections, lecture and his own demonstrations we learned the relationships of the shoulder to the qua, elbow to the knee as well as the hand to the foot. One particular exercise of working the elbow stretch and the effect on the knee moving outward seemed impossible as first to do but through continued practice we were able to understand and feel the movement. It was really quite something!

Master Chen further explained and demonstrated how stretching occurs throughout the form and why we have to pay attention to our movements. Warring against our ourselves and how the body and mind will often do different things was a great example. For me personally I always know that my elbow should come in further and though my mind thinks it is my body does not always comply. I recognize this in one of the many areas I need to work on.

Master Chen also helped us understand the importance of being extensive by practicing the form many times as well as being intensive where we examine particular parts of the form with our instructor to improve our movements and structure. Understanding the martial applications of the first 13 moves was very insightful for all of us and clearly was an intensive example of his instruction.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and would like to personally thank our instructor Lin Lin Choy and all those involved for coordinating this event in NH.

If you have the opportunity to attend a Master Chen workshop I would highly recommend it!

Respectfully, Jay Nagy


John Dawson October 15, 2013 at 2:58 pm

My impressions about the workshop with Master Chen in Exeter, NH on Qigong.
This was my first introduction to Qigong. We started with working with the sticks and exercises with them. Master Chen was vey good a explaining to us what we were trying to do and why. He provided a good way for people from the US to understand what this was all about and why it would be good for us to try. He gave a lot of examples of successes with the method and reasons to do the exercises every day. He was able to weave into the exercises Western way of thinking as well as the traditional Chinese ideas. He had a very inclusive way of bringing people into his way of thinking and provided a framework in which we could work without stress.
The second part involved movement exercises, which I liked better. The movement felt like it was something we could master and seemed to provide a way to bring calm and comfort — bringing in the good chen and out with the bad. This was something that one can understand in terms of Western ways of taking care of the soul.
One sensed that Master Chen was truly a master at what he does, and that it would be a very good idea to find out how he did it. Clearly, many years of practice and work went into it, and the results are truly impressive. He is charismatic for a reason: he has obviously mastered a way of life that looks, from the outside, to be admirable. One can’t help to be impressed by the result, and hope to emulate some of it.
I very much enjoyed his demonstration of Tai Chi the next day also, which gave greater understanding of where he derived his power.


Sarah Dawson October 15, 2013 at 2:59 pm

I had never done Qigong before taking a lesson from Master Chen. His teaching was very clear, not only in the instructions about how to do the movements, but also in the explanations about the reasons for and benefits of each exercise. When corrections were needed, he was very precise about what to do differently.

I enjoyed having the opportunity to observe Master Chen teaching Yilu to advanced students. I was especially interested in his explanations about the history and development of Tai Chi practices and about the underlying principles of Tai Chi as a martial art.


Wes Shuler October 17, 2013 at 10:45 pm

Recently I attended a work shop on the Chen Style Practical Method, Yilu that was taught by Master Chen in Exeter, New Hampshire. This was one of the best learning experiences I have had as a student of various martial arts. Master Chen is a brilliant teacher. Let me explain why. First, I would like to explain that my martial arts training started in High School. I wrestled in college and became a serious student in self defense in the military. I moved constantly as a civilian employee of the U.S. Navy and was able to study martial arts under various instructors for years in the Philippines, Japan, Korea, and various cities in the USA. When I say Master Chen is a brilliant teacher I am comparing him with the many outstanding instructors I studied with for over forty years. Master Chen is very adapt at explaining how the body moves and how a technique works. His ability to demonstrate a move and explain it is simply incredible. His ability to switch from speaking Chinese to English is simply remarkable. He is nonstop when it comes to teaching by example followed by detailed explanation. I was very much impressed with how Master Chen relates to his student. Our work shop consisted of students who had a variety of skill and experience levels. Master Chen treated each of us with great respect—no question was to small or large for him to deal with. We all learned from each explanation. I noted that when lunch time came arrangements had been made for the entire group to have lunch together. This was an intentional plan to foster fellowship and conversation about the Chen Style Practical Method.

I highly recommend that if you are interested in learning Taichi that you find an opportunity to attend a Chen Style Practical Method work shop taught by Master Chen.


Michael B October 21, 2013 at 10:56 pm

I am a student of Lin Lin Choy and I attended the Tai Chi seminar given by Master Chen. Indeed, Tai Chi is a “soft” style which can be learned and practiced by people of all ages and health conditions, but working with Master Chen the potency of this art is revealed. Master Chen showed the class myriad ways to use one’s body in subtle and not-so-subtle ways to gain poise and confidence. It is remarkable how much power one can add with a slight turn of the shoulder or hip and a refocus of mental energy. Master Chen is also a very friendly fellow who makes himself accessible and puts all of the students at ease.


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