To Learn Is To Synthesize

by pingwei on 2013/08/30

Tai Chi skills are acquired accumulatively (through hard working). If you don’t have a solid foundation, it’s hard for you to advance. Even if you can do foundations very well, you still have to be able to implement them into yilu practice. Push hand skills/abilities are rooted in yilu. Master Chen has presented us an overwhelming amount of knowledge. What we need to do is to digest and piece together his teaching into our own unified body of knowledge. One skill leads to another skill. Through practice, we are getting better. The criteria of “better” is not how “fine” you can do an specific form. It is how many skills you can relate and execute at one point. To learn is to synthesize.


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Wilkin Ng September 5, 2013 at 5:33 am

Even though there are different applications, after practicing for several years I started to see they all follow the same principle.

Master Chen often say, just focus on getting one move right


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