Three days with Master Chen Zhonghua in Berlin

by Sarah on 2012/04/05

Hi my name is Sarah and I`m learning Chen Taijiquan – Practical Method – now for 13 months. Last week I had the pleasure to meet Master Chen Zonghua for the first time. I was a bit nervous the day before but actually it was not neccessary, Master Chen Zhonghua turned out to be a very nice and easy going person.

He has a great method of teaching, very clear and accurate.There has been many differents things to learn, but for me the most interesting was how much the kua can be open and how the body parts can be separated. There were some exercices a couldn`t achieve for example: stretching the arm while relaxing the shoulder and moving the arm without moving the upper part of the body. So now I have some good ideas on what to work before going to Daqinshan for five weeks this summer.

To me it was very surprising that even if I was not able to execute these exercises well, I progressed a lot within these few days with Master Chen Zhonghua. I noticed this when doing pushhands again with a taiji brother of mine: Before these days he pushed me through the whole room and I couldn`t do anything, but after  this was not possible for him anymore.
Only too bad, this brother of mine will stay 3 months on the mountain this year…. 🙂

Thanks a lot for this magnificent time

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I am learning Taijiquan - Practical Method since 2011.

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