How to “see” the energy alignment?

by Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy on 2011/12/11

Today, Michael Winkler of Germany suddenly “saw” the energy alignment on the body. This is part of the enlightenment of taiji learning. This is also part of the “entrance” to taiji. Now he is busy looking at many of the “masters” photos to “see” if there is energy alignment in their postures. Just what enabled him to have this ability? We will have to let him explain.

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Michael Winkler December 12, 2011 at 9:26 am

First, thanks to Master Chen for the post, so here’s what I’ve got to share:
One of these days in the evening Master Chen did share one of his experiences he had when meeting another master having pushhands. I asked him about how this was and by answering he pointet out a very interessting distinction:

The difference between “ability” and “skill” – It’s probably worth to write an extra article on that …
For me one key was simply him having demonstrate this by just one touch, us sitting on the chairs.

Demonstrating “skill” felt like he’s gonna go straight into my body, with sticking to me so I cannot escape. It felt strong by full peng-energy. This way he seems not to hide himself, actually I felt like beeing able to fell him very well (where he is/ where his power is), but nevertheless that didn’t help to escape or overcome his power/structure … πŸ™‚

Demonstrating “ability” was totally different: he did kind of “hide” by beeing loose, but ready to “hit”. To me that felt like more waiting for a moment to use a technique, probably like usually done in so-called “external” martial arts.

Because of previous training I did realise how this way of using the body in the “skill – demonstration” is related to creating peng-energy through streching and building up the lines internally in the body.
Now I can realise more and more how our work on the body by streching without moving but rotating is developing peng-energy. One can see this on the body from outside in the way the shoulders, chest and all extremities are like, expecially in relation to each other.

This came out of training and feeling much more than only watching.
So once again thanks to Master Chen for promoting and teaching the art passed on by Hong Junsheng, I think we can call ourself very glad having the chance to get this transmission. For me it’s very beneficial to follow the procedure with as less deviation as possible!


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