Huang Sheng Shyan wrestling match

by admin on 2011/10/01

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Ming October 4, 2011 at 7:25 am

Huang Sheng-Shyan (黃性賢; 1910-1992) was a famous Yang Taiji stylist from the Cheng Man-ch’ing (郑曼青; 1902 – 1975) lineage. He had an extensive reputation in Southeast asia (esp. Malaysia and Singapore). This clip is a publicized match for charity between Huang Xingxiang and Liao Kuangcheng in 1970 in Singapore. Liao Kuangcheng was a wrestling teacher who was once recognized as a south-east Asia champion. In 1970, Liao Kuangcheng (~ 50 years old) and Huang Xingxian (~ 60 years old) both appeared in a public contest of skills for a charity event. Based on the match rules, Huang ended up winning 26 to 0.


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