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by Michael Winkler on 2011/08/22

Hi everybody,

I think now it’s time for a little message from Berlin. Last year in August I did change my Taijiquan classes in Berlin completely to “Practical Method”. Here are some pictures taken this summer.

Meanwhile there is a little group of attendants who got into the practice quite deep in short time, and there are some more who visit my weekly classes regularly.

During the summer we had some special weekends for intense training at a lake nearby Berlin. Two of the girls you can see on the pictures below did finish the Yilu now within about 4 month.

As last year I did teach Practical Method at the “TangoSafari” from 6th to 10th of August. This was a festival-like week with lots of workshops for Tango and different kind of bodywork stuff. I tought 5 lessons, 60 min each. For me that was an interesting experience to work with people doing Tango again.

Thanks to all participants, and thanks to Master Chen Zhonghua. I have a very good feeling with the “Practical Method” and I enjoy it very much to practice and to pass on this particular style.

More pictures and videos you can see on my german website:

All best,

You can klick on the pictures to enlarge them (… sorry, I don’t know how to use the gallery funktion on this site yet …):

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2003 Chen style Taijiquan (Laojia-Style from Chenjagou) 2004 getting in touch with various Qigong syltes (e.g. Zhong Yuan Qigong with Xu Mingtang, later Xuan Ling Gong with Xiong Chunjing) 2005 Chen style from Xiao Jimin (son of Xiao Qinglin, a student of Chen Fake) 2010 first fulltime training on DQS (6 weeks) 2012 second fulltime training on DQS (3 month) 2013 becoming disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua Since 2010 the only Taijiquan I practice and teach is the "Practical Method" as passed on by Master Chen Zhonghua.

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Khamserk August 23, 2011 at 11:04 pm

Hi Michael, its awesome to see you spreading the word with such dedication. It looks like an excellent group!


Byron Lerner August 27, 2011 at 11:46 am

Great work Michael! Glad to see that you’re expanding the world of the Practical Method! Well done!


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