Two halves of the circle in Taiji Online Video Purchase

by admin on 2010/10/25

Author: Chen Zhonghua     Language: English     Year: 2010     Location: Edmonton     Length: 10:12 minute     key words: zhuo, adherence, bite, circle

Two halves of the circle online video
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Xavier Santiago October 27, 2010 at 9:20 am

Have you ever been at a point in your Taiji training where you feel, “there is something missing in what I am doing”? That is the way my circles have been feeling lately, and also when Shifu Chen came and pointed out that “you are not doing the other half of the circle”, and recommended me this video. This is a must have video in you Taijiquan library! Shifu Chen clearly teaches and demonstrates why students in the Practical Method tend to not have both halves of the circles and then shows how to properly train in order to do both halves. Step by step instructions are provided along with practical demonstrations with students of the difference in trying to apply only one half of the circle vs. both halves. Your Taiji training will definitely benefit from the teachings provided by Shifu Chen in this video. I highly recommend you acquire it now and it will make a huge difference in your training.


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