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by admin on 2010/10/13

Hey Master Chen,
I would have posted this question on your website but it doesn’t seem to be working for me.
This is an obsevation and idea on moving and a question on if it sounds right.

I was thinking the other day that when we want to create power (or the potential of it) we contract (compress) and when we want to release energy/power we expand, much like a spring.

In external styles it seems (and this is over-simplifying it) that we compress(creating potential) and then expand towards our target, creating momentum and releasing that power. There is, of course, a long description of what happens when you make contact, but it is a bit irrelevant for now.

Internal seems to do the opposite, we expand toward our target and when we make contact we compress, not just in ourselves but from our feet through to theirs making us one unit. When we have taken out all the slack and compressed as far as we can (you don’t have to compress all the way, and may rarely have the chance to as this happens in a split second) we turn/tweak/adjust in such a way that all the potential energy is released on their end, through their body, hence we don’t move, we adjust and release.
Does this sound right?
I know my descriptions aren’t the best in writing but I thought I’d ask to see if I was on the right track thinking this way….

Thank you Master Chen
Hope you are well
Joseph Ferguson

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