DQS Lectures 2, 2010 Online Video Purchase

by admin on 2010/10/24

DQS Push Hands 2 Online Video Purchase
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Author: Chen Zhonghua          Location: Daqingshan, China          Length: 31:29 minutes          Language: English and mixed with some Chinese          Chapters: 1

This is a video by Paul Jannsens of Canbera, Australia during his full time studies on Daqingshan. It documents half an hour of Master Chen Zhonghua’s normal day of teaching push hands on Daqingshan at his full time taiji courses. The video is mixed between English and Chinese. Master Chen showed a dozen different push hands exercises.  In this full time  August 9, 2010 class, Master Chen covers: Falling forward exercise, Defense for kick exercise, Several push hand techniques & corrections.

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