Chen Zhonghua’s Students Dominate C.C.K.S.F 2010

by Nick Mann on 2010/10/19

The Canadian Chinese Kuo Shu (Martial Art) Federation had its annual Canadian Kungfu Championships on October 16th 2010 in Markham Ontario.  Three of Master Chen Zhonghua’s students entered various divisions of the Tai Chi competitions.

Nicholas Mann won 1st place in the Middle weight Jiaoli (push hands) moving step competition. He also placed third in the Tai Chi forms competition.

Allan Haddad placed 2nd in the Heavyweight Jiaoli fixed step competition.

Kelvin Ho was forced to enter the Middleweight competition due to lack of other light weight competitors. In this division he did extremely well competing against people up to 50lbs heavier then him.

The competition was a great way to compete while meeting many other Tai Chi students from various schools around Ontario and Quebec. A good time was had by all and it was a great bonding experience for Master Chen’s students.


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