Duehring 47 Min. Yilu Correction Online Video Purchase

by admin2 on 2010/09/20

Duehring Yilu Correction
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Emphasis on correct foot placement, relation between knee and foot, transition moves, energy intent

To preview a correction video, see Byron correction.

Forms corrected
2. Block Touching the Coat (Lan Zha Yi)
3. Six Sealing and Four Closing (Liu Feng Si Bi)

4. Single Whip (Dan Bian)
11. Wade Forward with Twist Steps (Qian Tang Ao Bu)
15. Draping over Body Fist (Pi Shen Chui)
19. Change Palms Three Times (San Huan Zhang)
21. Step Back and Whirl Arms on Both Sides (Dao Juan Heng )
24. Flash the Back (Shan Tong Bei )
32. Rub Left Foot (Zuo Cha Jiao)
35. The Punch to the Ground (Ji Di Chui)
38. Tornado Kick (Xuan Feng Jiao)
41. Small Catching and Hitting (Xiao Qin Da)
47. Part the Wild Horse’s Mane on Both Sides (Yie Ma Fen Zong)
50. Step Back to Double Shake the Feet (Tui Bu Shuang Zhen Jiao)
59. Right Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg (You Jin Ji Du Li)
60. Step Back and Whirl Arms (Dao Juan Heng)
63. White Crane Spreads Its Wings (Bai He Liang Chi)
65. Flash the Back (Shan Tong Bei)
66. Step Forward and the Fist of Covering Hand (Jin Bu Yan Shou Heng Chui)
68. Single Whip (Dan Bian)
70. High Pat on Horse (Gao Tan Ma)
73. The White Ape Presents Fruit (Yuan Hou Xian Guo)
78. Step Back to Mount the Tiger (Tui Bu Kua Hu)

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MichaelW August 27, 2010 at 5:18 am

Thank you very much for sharing this video. To me it is always helpful to see you doing corrections. And thanks to Tim Duehring as well !
Enjoy your last weeks on Daqingshan.


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