Montreal May 9, 2010

by admin on 2010/05/09

An excellent day. This is what we did at Ecole Jolivent:
1. Jibengong. Positive circle. Negative circle. Double Positive Circle. Double Negative circle 1. Double Negative circle 2. Positive/negative circle. Fetch water. Twisting the towel. Six sealing and four closing. Jumping Guo Shen Bian.
2. Explanation of twisting the towel alignment.
3. corrections and practice of Jibengong.
4. 13 postures 15 times.
Lunch 11:30-1:30pm
1. Yin/Yang resersal: heaven and earth reversal.
2. 13 postures taping.
3. Stepping exercise according to the heaven-earth reversal rule.
4. Cross hands to Fist under the elbow.
5. Explanation of how to move forward on a line. Use Walk Obliquely as an example.

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