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Nick Mann


An intelligent, hard working, University Degree holder who currently works and lives in Wulian China seeks contract work teaching English as a second language in Rizhao China.


Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy)

University of Guelph 2005


–        Originally an English Major I have accumulated an extensive knowledge of the English language verbal use, grammar, etc.

–         Completed an Arts degree specializing in Philosophy and therefore did extensive written course work in English as well as multiple seminar presentations and group work using the English Language


Ranger Metal Products- August 1999- August 2001

–        machine operator/assembly line work

–        responsible for producing parts used on assembly line

–        worked independently as a parts manufacturer and with a group on the assembly line

Farmer Construction- Jan 2006-August 2008

–        Duties included involvement in all aspects of  forming concrete for high rise apartment buildings, underground and above ground parking garages, and sewage treatment plants

–        Gained an excellent understanding of the building process, worked in a team and as in an individual to ensure a safe and productive workplace, verbal communication was a key component of this job

Daqingshan Mountain Resort and Spa- Sept 2008- Present

–        Manager of Yulange Hotel

–        Duties include looking after foreign guest and visitors, translations English/ Mandarin Chinese, organization of hotel staff, and general maintenance of hotel

–        Duties require attentiveness, an ability to problem solve, and excellent people skills


Genie Lift operation certificate 2005

Fall Arrest certificate 2004

Hockey coaching Certificate 2005

Certified open water Scuba Diving Certificate 2006


Chen Zhonghua, CEO Daqingshan Mountain Resort and Spa,  Rizhao Daqingshan Hotel Ltd.

No. 1, Daqingshan Road, Daqingshan, Hongning, Wulian, Shandong Province

Lee Fleming, Site Superintendent, Farmer Construction,  2925 Douglas Street, Victoria BC V8T 4M8,   PO Box 760, Victoria BC V8W 2R5, TEL: 250-388-5121  FAX: 250-388-9324

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