Picking Up Visa in Rizhao!

by webmaster on 2010/09/06

Now there is no limit on visa extension. Back in 2008 a Chinese entry visa can only be extended once inside China. The new requirement is that there has to be 100 US dollars available for each day extended. Some of the full time taiji students this year have to extend their visas twice.

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Lee Hrappsted September 8, 2010 at 1:56 am

Actually You can only extend your visa 2 times, for 30 days each time.They start counting the extension from the day you apply for the extension, not from when you current visa expires. This is handy, but best bet is to do what you can to get a single entry visa, for at least as long as you plan to be in the country.I plan to apply for at least a 6 month visa next time. It was a hassle to leave the country and, although H.K. was fun,cost me money I planned to spend on other things.
No matter how long they make your visa, this makes it easier to stay in the country and I would not let the length of your visa documentation be a deterrent for coming to China, as they gave me 2 extensions. If they let me stay, they will let anyone. (lol)


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