Don’t toss!

by admin on 2010/03/11

Thanks to those who posted the quoted videos on youtube.

Tossing, or body swaying, is one of the ills of taijiquan practice. Tossing is something that people naturally do. It is not a trained characteristic of taijiquan. It has the “benefit” of looking good when done in taiji routine practices.

Today, most people take pride in “tossing”. We are not going to list and give examples of tossing, instead, take a look at the following Grandmasters of each style below. You will notice that these people do not toss when they practice the routines or push hands. Partially it is because they were already acknowledged masters that they did not need to impress people, partial because they knew that true taiji does not involve “tossing“.

The listing of these masters does not mean that the author endorses every characteristic of their styles.

Chen Fake’s longest serving disciple Hong Junsheng Chen Style Taijiquan Yilu:

Chen Fake’s last disciple Feng Zhiqiang Chen Style Taijiquan Cannon Fist:

Wu Style Taijiquan Grandmaster Ma Yueliang’s Taiji Sword:

Fu Zhongwen Yang-style Form Tai Chi. Fu Zhongwen (1903-1994) was a respected Tai Chi Chuan teacher from China. From an early age, he had been a disciple of Yang Ch’eng-fu, and later a family member…

Sun Jiayun, the daughter of Sun Lutang, performing Sun Style Tai Chi.

Hao Shaoru is a direct descendant of the Hao Style Taijiquan.

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