Saturday workshop in Toronto

by admin on 2010/02/20

We had 14 people at the workshop this time. Peter almost couldn’t make it. He went to Mexico on an emergency call on Thursday and was supposed to come back on Friday but go stuck in Houston. By lunch this morning, he made. What dedication! People came from Barrie and Brampton, Ontario. For the people in this province, this is not very far but still, To view an hour driving as nothing is indication of very serious commitment.

Toronto Workshop Feb. 22, 2010

Toronto Workshop Feb. 22, 2010

Steve and Nick helped a lot leading the yilu forms most of the day. This freed me to check on each person. I think we worked more effectively this time. We were able to get a lot of the first 13 of Yilu, explanations and many drills in today.

The people at the workshop last time got their first 4 of the 3-series videos today. There are ten of them to be completed. The first four are ready.

Thanks to Ki Nam for taking me and Steve to supper at the Chinese congee place. One thing I have to admit is that Toronto has really good Chinese food! A big plus for giving workshops in the Toronto area.

Tired but we cannot left a beautiful evening slip away without work. Ki Nam, Steve and I went to the basement and pushed hands. 10:43 now and we finally decided to rest for tomorrow’s session. It was a good workout. Steve was good push hand partner for Ki. They both learned how to hold the top and move from the bottom. They also learned how to NOT move the hand while compressing with the dantian. These are very difficult but important skills. It will take many sessions to master these. Tonight is a good start.

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