2008-07-26 Arkansas Workshop Review

by Richard Johnson on 2008/08/10

This is a review of the 2008 Workshop with Chen Zhonghua from the viewpoint of the host.

The workshop was very well attended. A special thanks goes out to all those who encouraged their friends and students to come, and to those who made their own sacrifices to be there. As usual, I think that everyone was well rewarded by having a good time, enjoying their interactions with other participants and coming away with new perspectives on Taijiquan.

I estimate that 80% of the wokshop attendees had never met Chen Zhonghua before. Many do not practice our system. I will be interested in hearing how they have incorporated what they learned into their practice.

In addition to our full-day attendees, Jesse Thomas brought a class of massage therapists-in-training from Blue Cliffs, where he teaches a Taiji class. They attended the first hour of our Sunday morning session. They were all a little unsure when they came to class, but they left with a new appreciation for Taijiquan.

I really appreciate the time and enthusiasm that Chen Zhonghua devotes to his workshops. Saturday, we reviewed details of the positive and negative circles. Sunday, we focused on fundamental exercises that are done wih the positive and negative circles.

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