Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Sword Form

by webmaster2 on 2007/12/07

Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Sword Form

The straight sword must be used in a way that the sword should be not easily shown. The opponent should only see a thin line of white flash. When the sword is seen, it is already too late. The sword has to become part of the holder and should be moved by the waist movement, not the hand.

1. The east peak swallows the sun

2. The immortal points the way

3. The flower hides under the leaves

4. Kuixing pose

5. Necha reaches out to the sea

6. Blue dragon comes out of water

7. Left and right protecting the knee

8. The sword of closing the gate

9. Blue dragon comes out of water

10. Turn the body and chop down

11. Turn around to poke

12. Fly diagonally

13. Phoenix spreads its wings

14. Phoenix points it head

15. Spread the grass to seek the snake

16. Necha reaches out to the sea

17. The pose of covering and blocking

18. Roots curling around old tree

19. Hungery tiger pounces on its prey

20. Left and right wheels

21. Step back and whirl arms

22. Wild horse jumps the valley

23. Turn left to poke horizontally

24. Twin dragons play with balls

25. Chop down

26. Suqin carries the sword on his back

27. Turn the body to poke up diagonally

28. Black bear turns its back

29. Swallow pecks at mud

30. The bear and the eagle try to outwit each other

31. Swallow pecks at mud

32. Clever cat catches the mouse

33. Golden rooster shakes its wings

34. Scoop up the moon from the bottom of the sea

35. Necha reaches out to the sea

36. Rhinocerous gazes at the moon

37. Rapid wind and strong grass

38. Fly diagonally

39. Push up one thousand pounds to the left

40. Push up one thousand pounds to the right

41. Left cut wrist

42. Right cut wrist

43. Sweep down one thousand soldiers

44. Golden needle hangs upside down (golden bell)

45. Golden bee works at the flowers

46. White ape presents peach (cut nose and cut head)

47. Falling flowers

48. Poke Up

49. Poke Down

50. Fly diagonally

51. Reach out and poke horizontally

52. Strange boa constrictor turns its body

53. Yellow wasp comes out of the hive

54. Grinding sword

55. Golden needle points south

56. Return to the original

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