Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Broadsword Names

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Chen Style Taiji Practical Method

Broad Sword Form

1.Preparation Form预备式

2.The Sword of Protecting the Heart护心刀

3.Blue Dragon Comes Out of Water青龙出水

4.Wind Blows Scattered Clouds 风卷残云

5.White Clouds Cover the Head白云盖顶

6.Black Tiger Searches the Mountain 黑虎搜山

7.Suqin[1] Carries the Sword 苏秦背剑

8.Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg 金鸡独立

9.Cut Grass Against the Wind 迎风斩草

10.Cut the White Snake From Waist 腰斩白蛇

11.The Sun Has Three Rings 日套三环

12.Brush Away the Clouds to See the Sun拨云望日

13.Spread the Grass to Seek the Snake 拨草寻蛇

14.Three Cuts On the Horse 立马三刀

15.Push the Boat With the Water Flow 顺水推舟

16.Wild Goose Tucks Its Golden Wings 雁别金翅

17.Nazha Reaches Out to the Sea 哪咤探海

18.Turn Around to Chop Down 转身下砍

19.Turn Around Again to Chop Down 转身再砍

20.Yellow Dragon Stirs Water Three Times 黄龙三搅水

21.Double Shake Feet 双震脚

22.Jade Girl Works at Shuttle 玉女穿梭

23.Fight on Eight Directions 野战八方

24.The Sword to the Groin 撩阴刀

25.White Snake Spits Its Tongue 白蛇吐信

26.White Crane Spreads Its Wings and Palm to the Heart 白鹤亮翅穿心掌

27.Chop to the Back 反背刀

28.Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg 金鸡独立

29.Stand On One Leg to Poke Down 独立下刺

30.Chop Down One Thousand Army 横扫千军

31.Strong Chop Cuts Down Mt. Hua[2]力劈华山

32.Whipping the Horse 马后加鞭

33.Cut the Gold and Rock 点石成金

34.Immortal Dragon Turns Its Head 神龙回首

35.Right Jade Belt Around the Waist 右玉带缠腰

36.Left Jade Belt Around the Waist 左玉带缠腰

37.Big Boa Constrictor Turns Around 巨蟒转身

38.Open and Close开合式

39.Nazha[3] Reaches Out to the Sea 哪咤探海

40.White Ape Presents Fruit 白猿献果

41.Embrace the Moon 怀中抱月

42.Closing Form 收式


[1] A legendary hero.

[2] A famous mountain in central China.

[3] A legendary person.

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