Chen Pu

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Chen Pu

In the year of 1374, Chen Pu moved to a place in today’s Henan province from Hong Tong of today’s Shanxi[1]. Later, this place was named Chen Pu village in memory of his contribution. From this village, the Chen clan moved on to another more suitable habitat a few miles away. It was a place called Chao Yang Village. Today, this village is called Chen Jiagou, in Henan province (see the Map of China in Appendix).

Theirf family oral transmission believed that Chen Jiagou founder, Chen Pu, was a famous martial artist. However, there were no details as to what kind of martial art he did, or what rank he received.

[1] There is a place commonly known as the “Big Locust Tree”. It is a famous place in ancient Chinese history. It was the site of the biggest migration. Till today in China there are still many clans that claim to have origins in the “Big Locust Tree” in Hong Tong, Shanxi Province.

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