Thoughts Stimulated by Master Chen’s Workshop

by Marvin Glotfelty on 2007/11/15

Wudang Warrior, Summer, 2007, page 7

Throughout the workshop, we were exposed to concepts that are simultaneously very simple and yet infinitely complex.

When I’ve previously watched videos or looked at photos of Tai Chi masters who throw a guy across the room with only one finger, I always wondered at some level, are they faking that? After working with Master Chen for a short time, those doublts dissolved in the recognition that the application of simple/complex physics and body structure make seemingly supernatural feats not only believable, but directly experienced! I assure all of you that when Master Chen loosely bonked my forearm for demonstration purposes during our final discussion, the wince of pain on my face was not fake.

Fantastic workshop! Thank you, Ping, for making it possible.

Marvin Glotfelty

Master Chen’s workshop was on March 28 and 29, 2007. On March 28, he taught the Chen style Tai Chi foundation in the morning and Chen style Tai chi push hands in the evening. On March 29, he did a workshop on Hunyuan Qi Gong. He also gave a few private lessons during his two-day stay. Master Chen is of Chinese descent. He has been a serious student of Chinese martial arts since early childhood. Master Chen Zhonghua is teaching Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method and the Hunyuan taiji system on a full time basis. He is a 19th generation master of Chen Style Taijiquan from the Hong Junsheng lineage. In 2004, he was appointed as International Standard Bearer of the Hong Junsheng system of Chen Style Taijiquan. He is also a 2nd generation master of Hunyuan Taiji system under Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. Master Chen moved to canada in 1985 in order to promote Chen Style Taijiquan internationally.

One of his latest projects is the establishment of a full time retreat center for the study of Taiji. The program is designed to provide a complete saturation in marital skills and ancient practices of rejuvenation. The participant can come to the mountain for training (weeks, months, or years) while enjoying the great benefits of the natural elements of the prinstine environment of the mountain. The retreat center is located on the Daqingshan Mountain in Rizhao, Shandong, China. Master Pin Wei from Phoenix is on his way to praticipate in the program for one month. I hope when he returns, he will bring for Wudang Warrior magazine many photos and excerpts from his journal.

For more information on upcoming workshops by Master Chen in the Phoenix area, contat Ping Wei (602) 373-3457; email:

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