To Allow Each Thing to Do Its Part -by David Dahms

by Practical Method on 2007/04/05

Another thing is that everything not just taiji seems to be that you allow each thing to do its part and that is how something greater can be achieved.
I remember on the mountain you said the manager was worried about November and you told her that if she took care of today everything would take care of itself. It always seems that if you want something then you have do the opposite. Like if you want something to take no thought then you have to give it a lot of thinking first.

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chen Zhonghua April 6, 2007 at 12:33 am

In our own practice you also need to find a way to allow your own moves (as practiced in the form) to run its course. I have said many times new students do not complete their moves when they push hands. This put them at a very big disadvantage. They don’t complete the move and they think that the move does not work.
But how to ensure that the move can be completed? That isthe topic for another discussion.


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