Our Training in March 2007 -by David Dahms

by admin on 2007/04/06

As for training, we are doing the things you showed us and I feel as though we are starting to

get better. Like with liu feng si bi i realized that we always start twisted in the torso and if we start not twisted it works much better not great but it is much easier that it is when we are twisted. There was one day about a month ago John and I were pushing hands and we both got this feeling by trying really hard not to move our centre and just moving our hands we were able to push a lot better. My friend would push on us and when we got it it looked the way he reacted was really strange. It was exatly the same as when stopping in the middle of push hands and doing what we were doing to each other to the air would reveal what we were actually doing it looked the same. It was like we just let him do what he was doing.

It did not last that long though because when we tried it on my sister it did not work as well. However it seems that when we are pushing hands we treat the opponent the same way we would treat air, and that is why what I do is pretty much useless.

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chen Zhonghua April 6, 2007 at 12:12 am

Your observations are correct. Some suggestions here:
1. Not moving the center is right. But you still should twist/rotate from the center. Problem is that for beginners when you rotate the center, you actually are tossing. That is why it works much better to not move the center at all.
2. It doesn’t work on your sister because everything has changed. You must change with different partners so that your structural relationship with your partner in fact does not change.
3. Your analogy about the air is good. You will still find it difficult to apply for a long time though.
Chen Zhonghua


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