Chen Zhonghua Taiji Punch (Video)

by Practical Method on 2007/03/09

One of the aims of Chen Style Taijiquan training is to achieve the ability of penetrating power. This usually is in the form of a punch. What is the difference between a taiji punch and a boxer’s punch? and one-inch punch? One thing that sets a taiji punch apart is its lingering power inside the opponent’s body after the event. Here Chen Zhonghua demonstrated a light push (not a punch yet for it would be too devastating) to Michael Joyce in 2003.

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Michael Joyce March 10, 2007 at 2:01 am

okay. Having this be ME in the video is, of course, an honor. Thankfully all the extensive training we did prepared me for such an experience. (laughing) I’m just glad i wasn’t on the receiving end of a punch. That is for sure!


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