Movements must be powered.

by admin on 2006/12/01

There is a natural tendancy to power an attack (forward movement) but not so when withdrawing (movement towards oneself). In the positive circle, the outgoing upper half is often naturally powered. The second half of the second, the way back towards your own center is often not powered. Power must be present at all times during the process of the circle: positive or negative. The powering of the entire circle is like this: Outgoing with rear foot and incoming with front foot.

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chenquestion February 28, 2007 at 2:44 pm

Many thanks for this exciting blog about the Chen Practical Method. I haven’t made it to one of your workshops yet but at least I have purchased Hong Junsheng’s book in english, and Chen Zhonghua’s “Foundations” DVD.

I liked this post about constant power in the movements. Talking about the Circles, this strikes me as yet another example of yin-yang balance. That is, equal and opposite, making a unified whole. If the balanced aspect is absent, then faults emerge.

If I may be so bold, I had a sort of vision yesterday while driving home from work. I was picturing Chen Zhonghua performing the Hong Circles silk reeling exercises as I have seen. Overlaid on him was the image of a giant atom, with the nucleus – the one point – at his centre; and the electrons making complex orbital circles at the periphery. It was steady and powerful, vibrant with movement energy; but like a real atom, there was no way to grasp any part of it. You could try to observe and detect but all the components were moving just out of your range, no matter what you try to do about it. 🙂


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