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  • 2019/07/11: music production on Tai Chi Magazine article on the Function of Kua with John Brown.

    Aw, this was an exceptionally nice post. Taking the time and actual effort to
    create a very good article… but what can I say… I put things off a whole lot and never manage to get
    anything done.

  • 2019/07/08: 胡歌 on Distinguish between ‘movement’ and ‘action’

    Does that mean you are about to fall?

  • 2019/07/08: 胡歌 on Spine alignment

    Hi Alon, practice the Practical Method 13 moves or YiLu, get really good at them. But above and beyond all, practice the Practical Method foundation exercise “Fetch Water”. Fetch Water will create the foundation for everything else, including providing the base from which your spine can start sitting properly.

  • 2019/07/02: Janice kumagai on My Shifu Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang passed away in Beijing on May 5, 2012

    Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang saved my life. I was dieing. He took qi out of the Earth and through his body put qi into my body. I am alive and gradually improving my health. This happened almost 20 years ago. I am forever in debt to his family. I hope some day this miraculous act is recognized. Thank you grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang

  • 2019/07/01: Kelvin Ho on Notes for North American Practical Method Training Camp 2018 by Edward Liaw

    We power up with the rear foot and not the front hand. “Hou” can mean later or behind. In this case, it means behind.

  • 2019/06/29: hapegei on Notes for North American Practical Method Training Camp 2018 by Edward Liaw

    I’d love to get more information on: Issue to the rear arrive first. How does this relate to Hou Fa Xian Zhi?

  • 2019/06/28: Doug Gauld on How Practical Method has helped my arthritis

    Thanks for your support…can be a lonely road this PM journey, especially when you are one of a few who attempt it while struggling with a disability.

  • 2019/06/28: Gerry Gebhart on Distinguish between ‘movement’ and ‘action’

    Wow, this a fantastic post! The concept is so clear. I am finally in a position to understand.

  • 2019/06/27: joshua landau on “Shoulder Movements in Positive Circle” Online Video Trailer

    I am very pleased to read all the comments about this video. I have heard Master Chen talk about triangles all over the body for over a decade and never understood what he meant until he posted this video. I think I’ll concentrate on the shoulder triangle and attempt to add other triangles throughout my body as I become more familiar with this motion. Like James Tam, I want to thank Master Chen for his generosity in sharing his technique with us. If you are ready to “hear” Master Chen, than this video is pure gold !!!

  • 2019/06/26: Allan Belsheim on Spine alignment

    Another method of aligning the spine is to use a physically measurable device….strangely enough the device in this case is a blank wall.
    Method 1: place both your heels shoulder width apart touching the wall. The knees can be slightly bent using a basic horse stance. Ensure that your upper buttocks, lower back (normally curved in) mid spine and shoulder blades are touching the wall. Head is pulled in as well to ideally touch the wall. Especially important is the spine and lower back touching the wall. Head should be stretched towards the ceiling while everything from the waist is stretching down. The spine is elongated, but the problem is when you come off the wall and duplicate this stance without being against the wall. Any movement doing form interrupts this alignment so constant vigilance and body awareness is needed.
    Method 2: Same wall, but now the stance is much wider than the shoulders and the heels are about 15cm in front of the wall. From this position lean back and attach body parts to the wall as in Method 1. Again make sure the lower back curve is eliminated and the spine is against the wall. Now lower the body by sliding down the wall while bending the knees and keeping torso and head vertical. You will find as you lower the body, the lower back and spine start to be more cooperative and touch the wall. From your lowest position use the feet to push yourself up the wall to your starting position. Repeat at least 10 times. Now leave the wall and if possible use a mirror to see if you can duplicate the action away from the wall. This exercise allows movement and lets you be adjusted correctly while moving.
    Method 3: This one is to align the spine and stretch it. Stand in a narrow Horse Stance with the feet slightly wider than the shoulders – toes turned out, of course. lower back flat, head aiming towards the ceiling from the crown. Use breathing for this one. Inhale to the Dantian without expanding the chest – the stomach will be pulled in. At the same time also pull in the lower left and right sides of the abdomen while stretching the top of the head upwards and the hip area down. This elongates the spine and eventually helps to keep everything aligned and straight.
    These exercises are ones that I have used for aligning the spine and correcting posture and has worked well for helping individuals with posture issues.
    Of course if you like method 2, another use is to add a sponge sheet and soap to your back and the walls will be very clean while you gain alignment. Sorry, had to add the twisted humor!

  • 2019/06/26: Kelvin Ho on Spine alignment

    By holding your head fixed and stretching your tail bone down, your spine should be stretched, and over time, it should help with your issue.

  • 2019/06/26: RaymondDickey2 on Paul Carlson Yilu (First 13 Moves) on Jun 24, 2019

    Looking good, Paul!
    It was great to meet and train with you in DQS this year.

  • 2019/06/25: Michael on Yang Xishou

    Has anyone bought Mr. Yang Xishou’s book with DVD that recently came out. I was wondering if anyone could explain why Mr. Yang’s form looks so different than what I’ve seen of any other Master Hong’s disciples. When watching video’s of Master Chen, Li and Hong you can see they are mostly the same, but Mr. Yang is much different. I was hoping someone could lend some insight on the focus and speciality of Mr. Yang’s form. It seems to me to be lots of Chin Na. Thanks.


  • 2019/06/25: Michael on Hong Junsheng and Li Zongqing Push Hands Video

    Does anyone know if Mr. Li Zhujun is Mr. Li Zongqing’s son? And if Mr. Li Enju is related to either of these two previous folks. Thanks. -Mike

  • 2019/06/24: vincent den hengst on How Practical Method has helped my arthritis

    Hi Doug, Much respect for your effort to practice PM while suffering. Just I wanted to express my support to you and so nice how you relate your PM practice to relief of symptoms,

  • 2019/06/24: taibarb7 on “Kua opening mechanics” Online Video Trailer

    Thanks a lot Kelvin! Somehow that never popped up when I searched for “kua” on the page.

    What then is “front kua” and “rear kua”? I remember seeing you did a vid about that topic but it looks like I can’t find it again (and I had no time to watch back then). Front and rear as in relation to opponent? or in relation to your own anatomical structure?

  • 2019/06/24: Suda Lertpreechapol on Online Students Starting Guide

    I’ve watched lots of your video trail of Chen practical method and I’ve a very keen interested in learning it. I live in Bangkok, Thailand. Would you please recommend me how I should start from and which video or DVD I should buy to practice it.
    Thanks for your help.

  • 2019/06/24: Mike Kahn on Practical Method Chicago

    Dear sir, I would like to learn and practice tai chi seriously but I live in an area of the country where nothing is available. I am also in need of taoist healing and spiritual help. I would very much appreciate any help and advice you could give me. Thanh you very much, Mike Kahn.

  • 2019/06/23: Kelvin Ho on “Bali 18 (13)” Online Video Trailer

    Please see There are no disciples in Thailand yet. You can also find me on facebook:, if you would like to chat a bit about this.

  • 2019/06/23: Kelvin Ho on “Kua opening mechanics” Online Video Trailer


  • 2019/06/23: Kelvin Ho on “Kua opening mechanics” Online Video Trailer
  • 2019/06/22: Paul Pryce on “Kua Open” Online Video Trailer

    Another great explanation about the function of the kua in PM and is essential viewing for all students.

  • 2019/06/20: dgauld on How Practical Method has helped my arthritis

    Gord was an old friend of mine from Winnipeg. We were both competition class members at TigerClaw Gung Fu School and competed in the 1975 Canadian Open Full Contact Championship competition in Edmonton. I hadn’t seen him for years then met him in Victoria through a mutual friend who also worked in government. He convinced me that he had met a genuine internal master. That was when I met Master Chen. My attempts to study with Gord were difficult. Mostly it was made impossible as I was unable to ‘empty my teacup’. The pain and acceleration of my arthritis made it hard for me to give up what I thought I knew, therefore the failure was all mine. I don’t talk about my attempts to study PM before as I know Master Chen and Gord no longer are affiliated. I never got beyond ‘dipping my toe’ in the deep waters of PM. I was always in extreme pain & often had to be brought to the practice sessions by others students as I couldn’t drive. I never practiced outside of class, except for a very short chigong form Gord taught, called Re Shen Gong; only 4 major moves in the set. I now practice it but use the PM biomechanics of isolate, lock, stretch, rotate. Needless to say I am thankful to Gord for introducing me to Master Chen and even more grateful that upon moving to Edmonton Allan Belsheim accepted me as his student. My life is much richer and my arthritis symptoms are improving as a result of my finally letting go of what I thought I knew about martial arts. My current belief is that I have to keep ‘emptying my teacup’ every day, as best I can, to actually hear, appreciate and try to replicate what Allan and Master Chen are trying to teach me. PM and I didn’t get along well at first but life gave me another chance and I’m using it the best I can.

  • 2019/06/20: Suda Lertpreechapol on “Bali 18 (13)” Online Video Trailer

    I’ve a keen interested in learning Chen style tai chi chuan practical method. I live in Thailand. Would you please suggest how I should start. Is there disciples in Thailand so I can join or how can I study by myself ?

  • 2019/06/19: taibarb7 on “Kua opening mechanics” Online Video Trailer

    Hmmm – since Paul commented favorably on the vid. I wonder if anyone could elaborate on the translation of “kua”.

    There are several people on the page who are happy and seem to understand – how about naming the thing with a concrete anatomical structure’s name?


  • 2019/06/19: Paul Pryce on “Kua opening mechanics” Online Video Trailer

    This is an excellent video and a must see for all PM students. Master Chen clearly explains the importance of the kua and how power is created and issued from it. The video goes on to show applications of the issue of the power.

  • 2019/06/16: Raymond Dickey on London Practical Method Seminar March 2019

    Martin, you can join us in Sutton on Saturday mornings at 11 AM if you like. Check out our ‘London Area Chen style Practical Method’ Facebook page for details.

  • 2019/06/15: Martin on London Practical Method Seminar March 2019

    Please, are there any qualified teachers of the Practical Method that I can contact? I live in Hertfordshire, UK.

    Many thanks

  • 2019/06/14: Edmonton Workshop June 8-9, 2019 Notes – Chen Zhonghua on Yilu Detailed Instructions Online Video Trailer

    [...] had a rotation drill using “Step Back to Mount the Tiger” from Yilu, working on the transition to the next move.  Stickers were placed on the mirror, we would align [...]

  • 2019/06/14: Edmonton Workshop June 8-9, 2019 Notes – Chen Zhonghua on Basic Foundations 2009 Online Video Trailer

    [...] this year’s Edmonton workshop we worked a lot on positive circle concepts and [...]

  • 2019/06/13: James Strider on Calendar

    Hi bmilanov,

    Thanks for your comment, please email me at the above address so that I can keep in touch with you.



  • 2019/06/13: John Upshaw on North American Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Training Camp 2019 ~ In memory of Tim Duehring

    We have a check from USSA Bank, sent from Texas with no name on it??? Help us out please!!!

  • 2019/06/07: John Upshaw on North American Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Training Camp 2019 ~ In memory of Tim Duehring

    We are full, yet have room for tent camping…with access to showers and such.

  • 2019/06/06: John Upshaw on North American Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Training Camp 2019 ~ In memory of Tim Duehring

    We have 2 spots left for the camp. If you’re interested please email me at or call me at 319-404-3962. Thank you

  • 2019/06/01: Ravi Mohan on “Yilu Keypoints” Online Video Trailer

    This video covers the first move of Yilu “Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar” step by step, showing the correct (and many incorrect) ways to do each component of the move.

    I hope this style of video will be created for all the Yilu moves eventually.

    Highly recommended (especially for students learning primarily from video, without constant access to teachers)

  • 2019/05/25: John Upshaw on North American Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Training Camp 2019 ~ In memory of Tim Duehring

    Practical Method Training Camp Schedule

    6:30 am morning session disciple lead

    8 Breakfast

    9:30 session with Master Chen

    Noon Lunch

    2 to 4 Lesson with Master Chen

    5:00 dinner

    7 to 8:30 Disciples offering break out sessions

    Please note some of the Taiji addicted will start at 5 am and some will go on until 10 PM

    Some of the disciple breakout sessions include:

    Morning Foundations and First 13/yilu with Kelvin, Levi and Todd

    Rubber Cord Training with John Dahms

    Cannon Fist (for those that have been doing yilu for some time) with Hugo, John U and Spencer

    Evening Push Hands with Levi, Brennan, and Other disciples.

    Modifications and impromptu lessons will occur. If you have a specific practical method training need, please let us know as this training camp is attended by a high number of disciples that have been with Shifu Chen for many years.

    Thank you

    John Upshaw, LISW
    Human Resource Director :)

  • 2019/05/24: Rusi on Calendar


  • 2019/05/17: Egorov Galina on 2019 International Taijiquan Competition Live Stream

    I wood like to see

  • 2019/05/11: Ravi Mohan on “Yilu Detailed Instructions Section 2, 2015” Online Video Trailer

    Looking forward to the release of the next sections. These videos are much easier for people like me to learn from, since each move is broken down into components, than the original yilu teaching videos. Thanks in advance Allan, it must be a lot of work to release each video. The grids are really helpful.

  • 2019/05/09: JReed on Detailed Hunyuan Qigong Online Video Trailer

    Wonderful instruction. Absolutely outstanding clarity and attention to detail.

  • 2019/05/07: John Upshaw on North American Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Training Camp 2019 ~ In memory of Tim Duehring

    I can also be reached at (319)404-3962.


    John Upshaw

  • 2019/05/06: philcusick on Calendar
  • 2019/05/04: Point_Doc on Calendar


    Requesting detailed information for the 2019.07.20-21 San Francisco Bay Area Practical Method Seminar.

    Time/location, etc; any suggestion for accommodations would be helpful.

    John Crow

  • 2019/05/03: admin2 on North American Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Training Camp 2019 ~ In memory of Tim Duehring

    North American Practical Method Training Camp, 2019
    Jul 24 at 11 AM – Jul 30 at 11 AM CDT

    Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center
    120 E Boyson Rd, Hiawatha, Iowa 52233

    Please contact John Upshaw (johnnyupshaw @ for more details

  • 2019/05/02: Point_Doc on North American Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Training Camp 2019 ~ In memory of Tim Duehring


    Requesting information on the “North American Training Camp”. I would like to know location, dates and times and any other pertinent information.

    Kind regards,
    John Crow

  • 2019/05/02: Point_Doc on 12-Form Hunyuan Qigong

    Hi Lou,

    Thank you very much. I will download it later today!

    Kind regards,
    John Crow

  • 2019/05/02: Matt Landau on “Yilu Keypoints” Online Video Trailer

    Excellent video, beautifully produced with many practical training tips contained within. Truly a “must” buy for all practitioners. The proper role of the gua and elbow are further clarified. The explanation of the relationship of the torso connection to the elbow is priceless. There should be so many people rushing to see this, that the server crashes! Enjoy and more importantly, own these corrections. Happy practicing.

  • 2019/05/02: joshua landau on “Yilu Keypoints” Online Video Trailer

    This is a wonderful video where Master Chen teaches in detail the opening move of yilu and covers many principles that we should use in all of our moves. The rules are clearly explained, so all we have to do is listen and practice. :)
    This video is a must for every student, no matter what level.

  • 2019/05/01: Lou Sacharske on 12-Form Hunyuan Qigong

    There a are a few instructional videos on this website. I strongly recommend you search on “Detailed Hunyuan Qigong Online Video Trailer”. This one is narrated Master Chen and has very clear detail. The actual title on the video is “Detailed Instructions of Hunyuan Qigong”.

  • 2019/04/30: Point_Doc on 12-Form Hunyuan Qigong

    Sorry for the incorrect name in my greeting…

  • 2019/04/30: Point_Doc on 12-Form Hunyuan Qigong

    Hi Scott,

    I was looking for the qigong video(s) and literature. Jut like Scott, I remember seeing them available just a short time ago. Any chance you can share the link, because I cannot locate the information?

    Kind regards,
    John Crow

  • 2019/04/30: Ravi Mohan on “Torres Private Lesson 2016” Online Video Trailer

    wow! This is an immensely helpful video. Thank You Master Chen. I’m immediately shifting to wider stances in Yilu practice. The detailed Yilu 13 instruction was a revelation. Everything I’m doing is wrong.

    I hope to meet you one day and get a private lesson. Meanwhile these videos are *tremendously* helpful. This is one of the best yilu 13 correction videos I’ve seen. Shows much how much I need to improve.

    Thanks again.

  • 2019/04/28: MikeLV on Opponents stop moving when I move

    What is the reason I can view some embedded videos and others not?

  • 2019/04/26: bmilanov on Calendar

    If you happen to do it in Brisbane please let me know. I should be able to bring in few people with me.

  • 2019/04/26: Nicholas Fung馮嘉傑(香港) on One thing at a time & Don’t give up!

    Right on. That was the sentiment when I wrote my discipleship application letter.

  • 2019/04/24: admin2 on Calendar

    the calendar problem is fixed, please contact for edmonton workshop info

    Currently it is scheduled:
    19.06.01-02 Edmonton Practical Method Seminar
    2019/06/01 – 2019/06/02
    埃德蒙顿陈中华太极馆 Edmtonon Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy 5222-86 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Allan Belsheim:

  • 2019/04/23: Tinh Thai on “Kua Exercise” Online Video Trailer

    Great video that describes methods of opening the kua and briefly mentions how the kua can be guided. I have noticed my kua opening and it has allowed me to do many things that I could not have done previously, for example the 45 degree side step – I used to fall over but now I don’t; and even rolling from rear foot to front foot in a stepping exercise has felt very different since the kua started opening up. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of restriction in my kua and I will be practicing these exercises to open it up more.

    It was also a nice surprise in this video to receive an explanation and demonstration of adding one, or “what’s done cannot be undone”. I remember my teacher explaining the concept of “what’s done cannot be undone” and it changed my foundations and yilu significantly.

  • 2019/04/23: mphist on Calendar

    Hi I’m wondering why Master’s itinerary is no longer shown on this page?
    I wanted to see when he would be in Edmonton again as I might travel there this year.
    Thank you!

  • 2019/04/21: david tallant on “Adam Private Lesson 1” Online Video Trailer

    see it, understand it and then spend a life time trying to embody the material contained in this video, wonderful,
    david tallant

  • 2019/04/19: Hakan on Calendar

    Thank You.

  • 2019/04/18: Jose Beneyto on “Rubber Cord for Core Energy Training” Online Video Trailer

    HI! Is it possible to watch the video with subtitles? My English is not very good,,,thanks!!!

  • 2019/04/17: James Strider on Calendar

    Hi Tarrant,

    If I may answer on behalf of Kelvin as I am currently living between Perth, WA and Rizhao, China and am the International Liaison Officer for Master Chen, I am better suited to answer this question.

    As of yet we have not finalised our dates for Australia this year and therefore I cannot tell you when and where we’ll be holding them unfortunately. I will be back in Perth and in the SE Asia region from October 17th – January 7th, so there will be an opportunity for us to meet and/or catch up during that time. Adelaide is somewhere we are looking to open up, so please feel to contact me at to discuss further.



  • 2019/04/17: Tarrant on Calendar

    Hi Kelvin,
    Sorry about the double post ..
    Also have the same question as John D –
    Do you know of Chen style instructors in Adelaide, South Australia?

  • 2019/04/17: Tarrant on Calendar

    Just wondering if there are any workshops planned for Australia this year.

  • 2019/04/17: John Upshaw on 600 Yoga Block Fetch Waters A Day

    With doing 600 fetch waters per day with the yoga block I have noticed my ability to aim my kuas improve as well. Additionally, I notices my ability to transition, or rotate to the next position will less tossing. I think may be attributed to opening and rotating my kuas. With that my knees are more “on top” of my heels. When pushing with my student Gerry Hopkins, when he applied pressure on my last Sunday, when I aligned my knees on my kuas, I could position myself between his force and the floor underneath me. At times when I placed myself in the middle between him and floor, it pushed him out. Other times, it creates an opening in the middle where I could wedge myself in disconnecting him from the floor and disconnecting him from his lower body. I need to work on “hammering” that wedge and rotating once I have that position to have optimal effect. All of this can happen because of adjusting my kua that aligns my knee on top of the heel.

  • 2019/04/15: Kelvin Ho on Calendar

    No, there is not yet an instructor in Turkey. Please contact me at I can help you get started online.

  • 2019/04/15: Kelvin Ho on Calendar
  • 2019/04/14: Shilong on Edmonton Class Schedule 2019

    Hi Allan,
    Do you have students who speak Chinese ( mandarin) so that I can contact to ask about the taiji class? Thank you, Shilong

  • 2019/04/14: John D on Calendar

    Would like to inquire if there’s any legitimate instructor/s that teaches here in Los Angeles, California. There so much “Chen” style out there that it’s hard to determine which one is authentic. Thank you.

  • 2019/04/14: huynguyen on Basic Foundations 2009 Online Video Trailer

    can you make the video downloadable so I can upload them into my ipad to watch.

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