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  • 2018/08/13: Jan Smallwood on Body Control in Yilu

    Separation drills are enlightening. To float is to uproot or disengage structure; no connection within body or with earth.

  • 2018/08/13: Rob Lindner on “Vertical Stretch” Online Video Trailer

    Good teacher, I wish the video had more of him teaching and less of students trying the techniques out, although even some of that was instructional. Thanks, I am learning a lot.

  • 2018/08/11: Benjamin Benefiel on What’s your impression of Master Chen’s ability

    I was on the floor, confused.

    Also: great sense of humor!

  • 2018/08/09: vincent den hengst on Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy Lineage

    Very and deeply honoured to see my name on the applicant’s list in a great lineage.

  • 2018/08/08: John Dahms on What’s your impression of Master Chen’s ability

    round & sharp

  • 2018/08/07: Ominae1 on What’s your impression of Master Chen’s ability

    I don’t know Master Chen personally, but from seeing him teach in dozen of videos I can tell one of the impressions that he let on me.
    He is authentic.

  • 2018/08/07: micke on My Folder

    thank you Paul Jenssen for bring Master Chen for Sydney to teach us his taiji. I have always wanted to learn taiji as one of my last building block since the last 15 years of martial arts. I have not the fortune to meet one till I saw & experience Master Chen’s hands. Then I knew he was the man I was seeking throughout the years despite having met & known many masters. Beside his skills, Master Chen’s wisdom , sense of humor and his quick wit always impress me. I believed that I can learn to be a complete martial artist & better person if I have the opportunity and fortune to receive his tutelage.

    Since learning PM taiji over the last 3 years, I am unsure how many principles I am lacking at the moment but I have understand & surface scratched the 2 principles of “don’t move” & “separation of Ying yang”. Now is the time for me to practice & perfect them. I have experiment them on my judoka mates with satisfactory results. I can only improve on this line. thank you once again Master Chen. we look forward to your Sydney trip once again. thank you


  • 2018/08/07: Kelvin Ho on Notes for North American Practical Method Training Camp by Kelvin Ho

    Exaggerate the actions when training the form. Go low, go to the biggest when you are supposed to do hand-out, go to the smallest when you are supposed to do elbow-in, go to the maximum.

  • 2018/08/07: mralyu on Notes for North American Practical Method Training Camp by Kelvin Ho

    This is very detail notes and summary of Kelvin own observation, with important parts clearly stated (albeit without diagram/video).
    I can imagine myself being there doing the same drills with you folks, excellent notes!!! Thank you Kelvin.

    Questions: Would you elaborate “action needs to be much bigger”? Did you refer to stretching, inside or outside bigger? and how would you suggest training yilu with this in mind?
    Thanks again!!!

  • 2018/08/07: vincent den hengst on Notes for North American Practical Method Training Camp by Kelvin Ho

    wow, a lot to digest, awesome notes Kelvin

  • 2018/08/07: Cirus on Notes for North American Practical Method Training Camp by Kelvin Ho

    Thank you for the notes. Very detailed.

  • 2018/08/06: Harshil on Notes for North American Practical Method Training Camp by Kelvin Ho

    Great notes! Many thanks Kelvin.

  • 2018/08/06: Bhargav on What’s your impression of Master Chen’s ability

    Exploding fist
    Immobilising touch

  • 2018/08/05: bruce.schaub on What’s your impression of Master Chen’s ability

    Multi-layered and complex.

  • 2018/08/05: James Tam on What’s your impression of Master Chen’s ability

    Impenetrable and powerful;
    Slippery yet crushing! … with a charming smile while at it!

  • 2018/08/05: vincent den hengst on What’s your impression of Master Chen’s ability

    human tissue piercing fingers
    gyrographically moving belly, dantian

  • 2018/08/04: Joe Chan on What’s your impression of Master Chen’s ability

    Inspiring (Teaching Method) : Joe Chan

  • 2018/08/04: Rick Pietila on What’s your impression of Master Chen’s ability

    Fire hydrant on wheels.

  • 2018/08/04: Sevastianos Maillis on What’s your impression of Master Chen’s ability

    Elbows always aim at the dan tian

  • 2018/08/04: Sevastianos Maillis on What’s your impression of Master Chen’s ability

    Don’t move
    It is the same, every time
    Stretch the dot backwards, like a bow with a thin arrow
    Through that line
    Get ready, then you can do anything
    Turn the waist, more!
    This is called Brush the knee.
    It catches the dan tian
    Under the feet
    Steel ball
    Water hose
    Like a predator

  • 2018/08/04: suz on What’s your impression of Master Chen’s ability

    Quick as a flash- Suz
    Unlimited stretch-Suz
    Rooted -Suz
    Wise -Suz

  • 2018/08/04: Dina on What’s your impression of Master Chen’s ability

    …..there are no words….

  • 2018/08/04: Camille Lipford on What’s your impression of Master Chen’s ability


  • 2018/08/04: Paddy Hanratty on What’s your impression of Master Chen’s ability


  • 2018/08/02: vincent den hengst on Notes for North American Practical Method Training Camp 2018 by Steve Doob

    Great notes, thanks!

  • 2018/08/02: John Upshaw on Notes for North American Practical Method Training Camp 2018 by John Upshaw

    Additional Note On Stepping: The outside doesn’t move (quads)…from heel out, led with bottom (inside) of the knee to pulling up the rear….in pulling up the rear foot it both hamstrings pulling towards one another in to dantien….because it is inside, not on outside…it is not felt…there is no toss…

  • 2018/08/02: Kelvin Ho on Calendar
  • 2018/08/02: Paul Hoogendyk on Calendar

    Can anyone tell me who to contact for the next Sydney workshop in December please,
    cheers Paul

  • 2018/08/01: Kelvin Ho on Toronto Workshop Oct 22-25, 2018

    I have added you to the distribution list.

  • 2018/08/01: on Toronto Workshop Oct 22-25, 2018

    Hello would you be able to notify me of dates for the workshop with Master Zhonghua for 2018, it would be my first exposure i presently practice Chen and have become very interested in the practical method.
    Thank You,

  • 2018/08/01: mralyu on Practical Method Workshop in Irvine on June 24 by Ping Wei

    Sure Nick, we’ll keep you posted for the next workshop. I’ll forward your info to both Ping and Winston. Just an FYI, the next Master Chen Phoenix workshop will be on the 19th and 20th of January 2019.

  • 2018/07/30: Gawain Siu on Discipleship Ceremony in Iowa on July 28, 2018

    Congratulations Nathan, Spencer and Edward.
    I look forward to sharing and being of support to you.
    Warm regards,
    Gawain Siu

  • 2018/07/28: Nicholas Stein on Practical Method Workshop in Irvine on June 24 by Ping Wei

    I want to attend the next workshop in Irvine that Ping Wei hosts. Please add me to his mailing list which announces his workshops.

  • 2018/07/26: Luc on Suspended Head

    Not sure if it is related so i will formulate it as a random though but when doing Zhan zhuang Wuji posture at some point head feels like suspended (focus on baihui head top Huiyin perineum and yong Quan point under the feet if im not mixing the names ). On a video on yin yang separation Chen zonghua talked about making the crown rise while letting the lower body drop which seems like what is done when doing Zhan zhuang. When i try to do it the more i drop the weight (not falling or crumbling) the more automatic and unvoluntary changes happen when i pull the head. The more i put the Weight on yongquan the more i feel light to the point joints feel kind of stretched/inflate yet they dont straighten. When baihui start to react feels like inner tight stretch and kua open automatically making me think of what Chen zonghua explained keeping non moving knees and pressing down 1/10th of a millimeter to create a bridge ( i have same feeling when doing both, it resist well to push and feels like elastic resistance. When this happens my genitals are pulled up and the constraint on the belly and diaphragm i felt while breathing at the « lower body drop » phase disappears. When i breath in belly becomes round. At this point arms are pulled back in alignment and start get pulled away from the sides,if i cave in the torso slightly by letting the colarbones and upper sternum drop like at the second half of positive circle arms get automatically higher like pulled by someone ine the sky and small movements starts all over the arms. The unfolding/pulling feels the same as in positive circle but happens simultaneously on both arms. So maybe its two different things but using the crown both create a non moving point like you said in sparring and also generate the effects i describe.

  • 2018/07/21: Joseph Singleton on Calendar

    Are there any affiliate programs or practical method schools in The Hampton Roads Virginia area?

  • 2018/07/20: Richard Johnson on “Toronto Workshop 11-09-26-1” Online Video

    Watch. Listen to the instructions, so you can hear what to look for. This is different from theory. Then watch again and again and again until you can see. This is your brain wiring your body to do this movement. You can attempt some along the way, but attempts too early will use old patterns not the new ones. When you do make attempts, avoid forcing it. Give your body and mind time to change.

  • 2018/07/20: Richard Johnson on “Toronto Workshop 11-09-26-1” Online Video

    At 38:17 Shifu Chen is talking about how 5 elements creates 8 movements. This is a minor illustration of an off-hand comment from a long time ago, so I hesitate to address it. However, I think someone interested can better grasp the theory, and more importantly, it is a good illustration of how to use a video to learn Taijiquan skills.

    Shifu Chen draws a pentagon on the board. This is a standard way to represent 5 elements on a 2-dimensional surface, but it is hard to visualize other aspects. The first time one sees this, it is baffling enough to distract from Shfu Chen’s real points. Go back. Leave the theory for later. Listen to what he says and most importantly watch what he does with his body.

    If you still want to understand the illustration, try this. An older method of representing the 5 elements in 2 dimensions is to draw a square (4 sides) with one dot in the center, 5 elements. If we pull the figure into three dimensions, we discover that the dot is not a point but a line segment viewed on end running vertically, representing up and down. If we connect the corners of the square to the upper end of the line segment, we create a four-sided pyramid with a square base. If we now connect the four corners of the square, to the lower end of the line segment, we now have an octahedron with 8 triangular sides. This is a illustration of how 5 elements creates 8 triangular faces. It also creates 3 dimensions, 6 vectors and 12 angles. It is an interesting and legitimate physical allegory for directions and elements in Taijiquan.

    One other quick point, Shifu Chen earlier alludes to the Daoist number theory that even-number systems are Yin, that is, they are theoretical or conceptual. Only Yang, odd-number, systems exist in the real world. He mentions yin and yang, specifically, which must have an axis to rotate around, a demarcation line, a separation, some third element to exist in the physical world. Another example is our octahedron, it has three dimensions, height, width and depth. That system of three works well, but does that lead to six directions, an even-number system? No, not without a seventh element, a reference point like a center from which to create the vectors, up, down, left, right, forward, and back.

    This may or may not be interesting theoretical information, but the most relevant question is, How do we learn? Did our parents take out books and charts or explain to us how to walk? Not likely. We watched. Our brains wired our body for walking. We imitated. We failed. We refined the nerve connections and tried again and again until we could do it. Later, in my case, when I learned walking theory and analysis, did I understand walking better? Yes. Was I able to improve my own walking? Perhaps marginally. Could I have started with the theory and learned to walk? No, we simply cannot learn that way. This took me a long time and a lot of evidence presented to me to accept.

    If we focus on learning Taijiquan theory, we will learn and maybe even grasp Taijiquan theory, but we will still be on step one of Taijiquan skills. If we learn Taijiquan skills, understanding theory, while potentially irrelevant, is just icing on the cake.

    I am convinced that Shifu Chen teaches theory for two reasons. First, to appease our Western curiosity for how things work. Now, let’s learn the skill. And second, so we can have “A-ha!” moments when we grasp what Shifu told us years ago after six or ten or 18 years of practice.

  • 2018/07/14: Nicholas Fung馮嘉傑(香港) on Chen Zhonghua QQ Student Group

    3. Notify Chen Xu/DQS staff of your arrival date and there will be transportation to take you to DQS. Can reach them via this website or WeChat.

  • 2018/07/12: James Tam on Rotation: Stretching around a fixed dot

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  • 2018/07/12: Suchai Rojnawilikul on Chen Zhonghua QQ Student Group

    I have some questions below:

    1. Daqingshan training expense (during 11-17 Aug 2018), how much of training fee? How much of accommodation/ resort expense for stay?

    2. Training outline on that duration.

    3. What is the most convenient travel if I go from Bangkok to Daqingshan? (Which flight should I take? Is there local transportation on there to take me to Daqingshan resort?)

  • 2018/07/07: Pawel Mueller on A collection of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method logos.

    Thanks Vincent! Great overview. It would be great if we could extend that collection. I bet there’s more than that. Cheers

  • 2018/07/03: Paul schramm on Stepping, Stretching, Transfer Power

    When are his seminars in New York state in 2018 /2019

  • 2018/06/30: Paddy Hanratty on Pre Foundations

    I’m working on clearly expressing the positive and negative circles in my Yilu training

  • 2018/06/27: Richard Johnson on “Chen Zhonghua 2012 Daqingshan Lectures 6” Online Video Trailer

    My Chinese is terrible, and I hardly understand a word Shifu Chen is saying in Chinese. If I did, I would turn off the sound, so I could focus of Shifu Chen’s movements. Shifu Chen’s explanations are great, but there comes a time where you need to decide whether you want to understand Taijiquan with your mind or learn it in your body. Rare individuals can do both simultaneously, but the rest of us need to separate these activities.

    This is an advanced skills video, so it will be nonsensical to students with beginning and intermediate level skills. It presents several diverse skills.

  • 2018/06/26: Carlos Hanson on Ramona Gomez from Phoenix, Arizona

    Ramona, thanks for sharing. Your comment about never achieving perfection reminds me of a comment Master Chen made in one of his videos, but I can’t remember which one. He says something to the effect that if there are 9 points to line up, we will never be able to get all 9, but if you can line up 3 and I can line up more, then I win.

    So we should practice to get at least one more.

  • 2018/06/26: Richard Johnson on “Teaching Push Hand 2 ” Online Video Trailer

    This video might also be named “Yin and Yang Separation.” At first, it might be a little off-putting for English speakers as much of the instruction is in Chinese. Much of the footage is also shot from Shifu Chen’s posterior angle. Al of these are actually recommendations for this video. I am an advocate of turning off the sound in videos and watching to learn, so if you do not speak Chinese, you already have an advantage. Watching the class, one can observe how absorbed they are with what Shifu Chen is doing with his hands as we all are. The posterior view angle allows you to focus on what his torso is doing and not doing. This is a great advantage in learning these skills.

  • 2018/06/25: John Upshaw on Calendar

    Todd Elihu lives in Athens.

  • 2018/06/24: KeMonte Jones on Calendar

    Hello, is there any workshop or maybe an instructor that I could learn from in Atlanta, GA? How much are private lessons?

  • 2018/06/22: James Tam on Pre Foundations

    I’m working on opening my kua … and connecting the top to the bottom.

  • 2018/06/20: James Strider on Pre Foundations

    I’m currently working on opening the elbow whilst connecting it to the Kua.

  • 2018/06/20: Iris on Calendar

    Hi, I’m interested in attending the New York workshop, but the workshop info is missing, is there still a workshop in August?

  • 2018/06/20: sattva on “Five Lines of Power ” Online Video Trailer

    Concepts expression is not very clear in this one. For beginner level like myself.

  • 2018/06/19: Carlos Hanson on Gigi Firicel Resume

    As a kid, I used to practice movie kung fu in my backyard. Drunken Style and Praying Mantis were my favorites.

  • 2018/06/18: Rick Pietila on Full Time Study In China – James Strider

    James, it was great meeting and training with you this competition 2018. I look forward to more good conversations and training with you in the future. Have fun out there, and I will be a follower of your blog. Cheers friend.

  • 2018/06/18: Carlos Hanson on Pre Foundations

    I am working on the shovel step to separate the top from the bottom when stepping.

  • 2018/06/18: Wilkin on Pre Foundations

    I am working on: elbow in, this principle is to keep the arm structure, even though it is not moving inward, in all moves elbow has to have an inward intent

  • 2018/06/14: Vincent on Full Time Blog – James Strider

    Wonderful James!

  • 2018/06/12: dyeungss on “Kua Exercise” Online Video Trailer

    Very good
    Submation of forces from diff body part to give great resultant forces

  • 2018/06/11: charlie wishon on How did the founder of Tai Chi found all of this?

    1st of all . Being conventional or unconventional is relative.
    Our Taiji is only unconventional to all the other systems because it is unfamiliar. This system is not like any other system in any way . It’s founding principle is what makes it stand out from all other systems of fighting arts. It is from this one thing. This one characteristic that creates the platform for the physical outcome of what it is. In the past it had no name. Today we call it Taiji. But it has always been taught the same. The foundations were always there.
    And that one principle that stands out . To separate Yin and Yang.

  • 2018/06/10: John Ryan on Full Time Blog – James Strider

    Great pics and good story. Well done and thanks for sharing James.

  • 2018/06/09: stevechy on How did the founder of Tai Chi found all of this?

    If you look at the research of Stanley Henning it looks like there is a lot of support for the idea that a lot of the original Taijiquan techniques came from military training.

    These may or may not have had the structural power aspect. If you look at there used to be a large number of forms, which were later condensed.

    My theory is that over generations as structural power was understood more then the emphasis was changed from learning many techniques to learning how to produce structural power.

    Early on it may have been that a few people had some natural ability and found a way to produce structural power in a limited number of techniques, then the long practice and foundation exercises were found to be the best way of developing this ability reliably in many techniques for future generations. Kind of like how the first airplane was built mostly by experimentation and the principles were discovered over time.

  • 2018/06/09: edliaw on How did the founder of Tai Chi found all of this?

    Who can really know (as it is unrecorded history)? We can only speculate: things like levers and pulleys and wedges have been discovered and rediscovered throughout time.

    When I was studying computer science, I always wondered how could anyone have built something so complex as a computer and how could such complex algorithms have been thought up by any one person? Computers were the product of many prior discoveries and understandings: someone or many someones found a connection between these things that enabled something new and remarkable.

  • 2018/06/09: OZD on How did the founder of Tai Chi found all of this?

    My very humble answer (I know that I do not know) would be it evolved from spear/long pole fighting. Spear is a line and to operate with it one needs a lot of power (i.e. inventive ways to generate a lot of power) as it is heavy.

  • 2018/06/08: Nicholas Fung馮嘉傑(香港) on Calendar

    The Hong Kong workshop should say 2018 instead of 3018.

  • 2018/06/06: Jeffrey Chua on “Hanens Private Lesson” Online Video Trailer

    Master Chen when into very detailed explanation of the principles of the basic foundations, “Mind-Intent” and the “Secret of the Universe”. Great video that has to be seen over and over again!

  • 2018/06/05: Patrick Dickson on Calendar

    Well, I went back online again to see if anyone responded, and now it lists the seminar. LOL Seems like the calendar page has some issues. Bottom line is, I’m glad the seminar is still on. Whew!! :)

  • 2018/06/05: Patrick Dickson on Calendar

    OK, I’m kind of confused. I went on the calendar last week and it listed a seminar on July 21st and 22nd in San Francisco. It gave Nathan H as a contact person. I just went to the calendar for July and the event is no longer listed. I have four or five students as well as myself who wanted to attend. Is it not happening now? Also, in the past, you could see events listed on the actual calendar. Many times I have checked the calendar, and seeing nothing listed on the dates, stopped searching. Only last week did I scroll down out of curiosity and found events listed, but the calendar itself does not show anything. I think more people would sign up if you listed it on the actual calendar like it used to be. Any way, just a suggestion to generate more students. So, is there a seminar in SF/Oakland in July? I sure hope so.

  • 2018/06/01: John Upshaw on June 1 in history

    I attended the workshop in the picture with Master Chen putting himself on the pole held by Richard Johnson. The lesson was on putting yourself on the line…2011…

  • 2018/06/01: Pawel Mueller on Calendar

    Please use the following link to register for the Vienna Event. You can find details for this event there as well

    You can also visit

  • 2018/05/30: Nicholas Fung馮嘉傑(香港) on Full Time Study In China – James Strider

    Way to go, James!

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