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  • 2017/07/21: Ominae1 on “Berlin 2016-6” Online Video Trailer

    Thank you Master Chen great video.
    I have a question about issue power or fajin and this video. It seems that the hit shown here is different to the punch (in the form for example), where one looks like the result of the spine vertical ondulation, the other look the result from rotation and compression. I want to know if I’m correct here, or there is ondulation in the Yilu punch too? Can the spine make a vertical ondulation during a rotation? Or there are two or more different ways to issue power?
    I hope that you can see these questions and thank you for share your knowledge.

  • 2017/07/21: Mahalia1979 on Chen Zhonghua QQ Student Group

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  • 2017/07/18: KT on “Berlin 2016-9” Online Video Trailer

    The beginning and closing footages are that of Hong Kong workshop and the first minute is soundless.

  • 2017/07/17: Shalamantu Lwazi on About Greater Vancouver

    Hello. I hope all is well for you. I am a resident of Burnaby and would like to have information on the upcoming workshops if any that will be held in our area. Thank you for your time.


  • 2017/07/17: Chen Zhonghua on Shoulder, Kua, Shun and Ni

    The best way to to following the principle of “two adjacent parts cannot move in the same direction” in dealing with this kind of questions.

  • 2017/07/15: Janet Russo on Arkansas – Chen Taiji Academy

    Moving to Eureka Springs, AR- I am taking Chen Tai Chi for the first time here in SC. Wondering if you are near E.S? Thanks

  • 2017/07/11: Sven on Becoming a disciple

    Thank you so much, Harshil!

  • 2017/07/11: Sven on Becoming a disciple

    Thank you very much, 胡歌!

  • 2017/07/10: 胡歌 on Becoming a disciple

    So glad to hear Sven! Congratulations!

  • 2017/07/08: Harshil on Becoming a disciple

    Congratulations Sven!

  • 2017/07/05: Jossy92 on “Prague 2016-12” Online Video Trailer

    Profound insights!: The ability to teach the complex through simple experimentation with the student’s own body is an art.
    Wish I could express gratitude in the same way insights were transmitted in this video.
    Thank you

  • 2017/07/04: Kelvin Ho on Authorized Instructor List


    You can also try leaving a message here:


  • 2017/06/29: allenjoshua7000 on First Practical Method Seattle Gathering

    Hi James, I also live in Seattle and am looking for any one who can teach or practice.
    Thank You so much!
    Joshua Allen

  • 2017/06/29: allenjoshua7000 on Authorized Instructor List

    Hi, I am living in Seattle WA USA and I am wondering how I can get contact info on any one practicing or teaching in my area.

    Thank You very much!
    Joshua Allen

  • 2017/06/27: John Upshaw on Calendar

    Thanks for responding Chan by e-mail,. The last bed is yours!

  • 2017/06/26: John Upshaw on Calendar

    The camp opens up on July 28th. Master Chen’s first instruction is 6 am on the 29th. It concludes August 1st. The camp is at Prairiewoods Retreat And Conference Center, 120 East Boyson Rd, Hiawatha, Ia 52233. We have one cottage left…one bed at the main lodge. If you are interested in attending, please email me at


  • 2017/06/26: chab.chan on Calendar

    Hi, I am trying to plan travel and accommodation for the Iowa one week seminar. Are the dates from July 25th or July 27th to August 1st (there are two headers with different dates)? Also, will this be hosted in Iowa City at the University of Iowa? Thank you in advance for the information.

  • 2017/06/25: Sven on “Kua opening mechanics” Online Video Trailer

    What has to be done to open the Kua is properly shown and described in this video.
    Very helpful to figure out what to attempt while doing e.g the circle. I watched it over and over again!

  • 2017/06/20: Lucas Brouns on Prague 2017 Workshop Photos

    Dear reader,

    The workshop in Prague have been so good.
    The practicing and instruction methods were set up nice and smooth.
    This created much space to learn from master Chen Zhonghua, from Brennan, from each other (and from your self I reckon).

    I write this review from Amersfoort, in the Netherlands. Please comment as you like. [Admin, feel free to repost this if there is a better place in the website.]

    There was a fine balance in some more intensive excersises and giving yourself a rest.
    For two items the group was split up but mostly we were all together.
    Sometimes a small group got together after one of the breaks, to start a little earlier with stories or exercises.

    In external martial arts, the muscle looks great; it is easier to practice because people will watch you. So our style is more difficult to practice..

    At the age of arount 60 human muscle and bones start declining. It’s ok to use muscle in excersising to learn Yilu. But we work towards using less muscle.

    Grandmaster Chen Zhonghua advised us: “Practice Yilu every day. Do the Foundations.” We said farewell and thanked the Master.

    After the weekend, I personally felt my bones were stronger and whatever is around my bones is more relaxed.
    I felt at home in my body and had some wonderful memories from a safe period in m childhood.
    I created an opening in a pestering little conflict with a neightbour, that had lasted for several years.
    Some excersises were hard but I skipped a few as my body condition is not so good in this period of my life.
    Still I have done things I would’t have guessed I could do.

    I wish the Master, the Disciples and everybody here good luck. Thank You and See you again!
    Thank you Lukas and Pavel for the hospitality.

  • 2017/06/18: Jossy92 on “Prague 2016-15” Online Video Trailer

    What a great online way to learn for a beginner to this style of TC!

    Watch video…practice….re-watch video….practice….re-watch….practice….Rewa…..etc.,etc.
    I try to “feel” the movement over and over until my “grasp” of it stabilizes and begins to match what the audio is saying. Probably making lots of mistakes, but I have something stable enough to correct as I practice.
    Very, very greatful for these short clips.

  • 2017/06/12: admin2 on My Folder

    The videos are fine on my computer, I sent an email to get some more info

  • 2017/06/12: allenjoshua7000 on “General theory of practical method” Online Video Trailer

    Thank you!

  • 2017/06/12: Terence2309 on My Folder

    I cannot view my purchased video online Sydney 2016 2 & 3

    Pls help

  • 2017/06/09: Todd Elihu on Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method – Athens 2016 Review

    Hi David,

    I just tried to give you a call. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Todd Elihu
    Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method – Athens

  • 2017/06/09: Todd Elihu on About Athens Class

    Hi Maurice,

    As far as I know, there are no certified instructors of the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method in the Charleston area. I recommend that you attend one of Chen Zhonghua’s North American workshops to learn the fundamentals and supplement your instruction with the many videos available through this workshop. If you are ever in Northeast Georgia, I’d be happy to arrange a private lesson with you.

    Thank you,
    Todd Elihu
    Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method – Athens

  • 2017/06/07: vivien on Calendar

    Hi, is there any workshop, instructor or student in France ? Thank you

  • 2017/06/07: admin2 on Jakarta Workshop 2015 Photo & Videos

    Jakarta contact info

  • 2017/06/07: vincent den hengst on Make your movements your own

    Very clear. It relates well in my case why it is so important to keep the principles of the body directions while dealing with opponents.

  • 2017/06/07: Dr. maurice olfus on About Athens Class

    Hi. I am Maurice,

    I live in Charleston, SC. Is there a teacher available that is close to my location?

    Thank you.

  • 2017/06/05: maurice olfus on Sydney, Australia Class Schedule

    Good morning!
    I am a Chen practitioner and I am interested in attending your workshop or lecture classes. I will arrive Sidney 10-11 February 2018 and Perth 21-22 February.
    Looking forward to learning from you.
    Thank you.

    Dr. Maurice Olfus

  • 2017/06/05: David Holcomb on Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method – Athens 2016 Review

    Dear Mr. Todd Elihu,

    Could you please contact me when you get a chance. 423-605-1534. I am developing a Martial Arts Team curriculum for our college and am interested in seeing if you could be a guest speaker. You are within driving distance of our school.

    Dayton, TN.

    Thank you,

    David Holcomb

  • 2017/06/03: admin2 on Jakarta Workshop 2015 Photo & Videos

    If you are on facebook there is Indonesia Practical Method group

  • 2017/06/02: David on Jakarta Workshop 2015 Photo & Videos

    To Whom It May Concerns,
    I want to learn and practice Taiji, is there any class in Jakarta?
    May I know where and when I can join your class?
    Best regards,
    Mobile +62-811-156-3392

  • 2017/06/02: Jules49 on Calendar

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  • 2017/05/24: enricos on “Application: Italy Private 2014” Online Video Trailer

    Just purchased this video based on comments by Bruce above. All I can say ditto on his assessment and highly recommended for detailed step by step instruction by master Chen.

  • 2017/05/21: Nicholas on Peng: Is it written 掤 or 棚?

    乐 might be what is referred to as 間筆字. Prior to the existence of “simplified” characters, there were only characters. 会, for example, has a Japanese original, and it is the Japanese version of “simplified” characters. Many terms and characters are reborrowed from Japan.

    When learning a language, one should learn it for its entirety, and not go for what you feel is easier. That would be like learning another form of Taiji where they don’t do open kua exercise because it would be easier. Many Chinese scholars (ones in China) end up learning characters, they conclude that the linguistic evolution of the “simplified” characters do not make sense (as mentioned above by Frank) and inconsistent, which is the reason why it is harder to learn. And should writing a few more strokes be deemed as harder, especailly when we now punch characters in phonetically anyway?

  • 2017/05/21: alba whiteman on Is Not Moving the same as static?

    Guys had better be careful who they want to marry, especially if they send proposals by letter !

  • 2017/05/09: kalaivanan on Chen Zhonghua of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method

    An wonderful article for a beginner like me. It has aroused more curiosity in me to pursue this exotic martial art. Thanks.

  • 2017/05/03: admin2 on Way of Hunyuan Book

    Hi, you could get the e-book, and copy it to USB drive and bring it to a print shop to get hard copy. We are not planning to do a re-print currently

  • 2017/05/02: charlie wishon on Five Bows of Taijiquan

    Bai hui to hui yin is the torso bow.

  • 2017/04/30: vincent den hengst on “13 Moves Explanation (Jakarta15)” Online Video Trailer

    taiji is not meant to be slow
    slowness of movement in practice of yilu 13 is a way to check if and to learn that your power has no flaws
    love that

  • 2017/04/28: James Tam on Way of Hunyuan Book
  • 2017/04/28: James Tam on Way of Hunyuan Book
  • 2017/04/28: taibarb7 on Do You Want to Know a Secret? Ottawa Seminar 2016-11

    Thank you very much for the explanations and the Daoist background and the respective points of reference! That helps a lot to understand better.

  • 2017/04/25: barbara gehring on Way of Hunyuan Book

    i would like to buy the book: way of hun yuan qigong.
    since i don’t like to read so much on the computer i wonder, when there will be printed books available again.

    thank you for your answer and all the best


  • 2017/04/25: Michel on Practical Method Web Access Dollars

    Thank You!

  • 2017/04/24: admin2 on Practical Method Web Access Dollars

    We are in process of upgrading to https, note that payment is secure as it is handled via Paypal and Stripe website

  • 2017/04/24: Jair Diniz on Are you Learning?

    Dear Master Chen Zhonghua,My name is Jair Diniz, I live in Brazil and I am a Hunyuan Qi gong practitioner. I bought your books “Way of Hunyuan” and the book that you translated “Hunyuan Qi gong”.I would greatly appreciate your help and I am writing to you for clarification. I would like to know what is the function or intention of the “positive circle and negative circle” movements that are made early on, before the first movement of Hunyuan Qi gong.

    Thank you very much

  • 2017/04/17: Michel on Practical Method Web Access Dollars

    Why is this site not using https instead of http?
    That means that it is not secure!

  • 2017/04/16: Russell Beer on Hong Junsheng Yilu Photo Wall Chart

    Hi Master Chen,

    When will the wall charts be available again ?

    Russell ( Perth workshop )

  • 2017/04/09: Kelvin Ho on Practical Method Markham Open Class on Apr 9, 2017
  • 2017/04/07: John Upshaw on True Intention

    “The principle applies to the one thing you are working on.” ~CZH~
    The reprogramming of our bodies and neurological system requires a multitude of repetition. All of this reprogramming takes place in foundations, yilu and erlu as Hugo mentioned. Furthermore, ongoing objective feedback is required that the one principle we are working on adheres to that principle…as our minds can not be trusted…always assume you are not doing it correctly…

  • 2017/04/04: charlie wishon on On Speed

    And trusting your training…

  • 2017/04/04: charlie wishon on On Speed

    Eliminate Fear of Reactivity! Fear of reactivity creates the flinch defense mechanism. Fear of reactivity is only eliminated through proper training .

  • 2017/04/04: Pawel Mueller on On Speed

    I read this post without reading who wrote it. At some point I thought “That sounds like Brennan”. Donno why :-)
    Good article. Thanks and cheers

  • 2017/04/04: Hugo Ramiro on On Speed

    Training to invade and control an opponent’s centre using don’t retreat, don’t move and rotate is core for us, as you say. Push hands is a very important training tool for this reason.

  • 2017/04/02: charlie wishon on 2017-04-01 Richmond Hill Class – Fetch Water

    1. Front hand is a stretch. Don’t say open.
    2.establish the line. Move all parts to the line.
    Open the KUA into the line.the stretch is from the front foot to the rear shoulder. On your #2
    Think of the hand/front arm as the guide for the rope. The rear shoulder pulls the rope pulling the pale. Reset is a ratchet action. Meaning the rope never has slack. It never releases the pale. ALL in all I like your notes Mark. Think about the description. In your notes the words you use make some things seem unclear. Thank you for them . Keep up the good work!

  • 2017/03/31: charlie wishon on Using Different Dimensions – Taiji Applications

    Good lesson. Don’t move the back very hard

  • 2017/03/31: charlie wishon on “Taiji Applications 2011” Online Video Trailer

    Will be mine as well.

  • 2017/03/30: Hugo Ramiro on “Taiji Applications 2011” Online Video Trailer

    19:30 Ji/Take out space
    “According to Hong’s explanation to me, according to the practicality [...] in terms of which one is important for us to train, squeezing energy is number one. The reason is because everybody has some peng energy, which is “strength”. Everybody has some lu energy, which is “try to get away”. But [...] nobody is born with the ability to take out space. So in our learning, if you spend a lot of time learning how to take out space, you progress faster.”

    There are so many worthwhile points in this video that it is one of my application reference mainstays, revisited regularly.

  • 2017/03/29: vincent den hengst on Progress stages

    personally i get a lot of tai chi strength benefit from push the wall exercise and man, you need motivation for it

  • 2017/03/29: charlie wishon on Progress stages

    Great article

  • 2017/03/29: charlie wishon on 5 Learning Stages

    By segmenting movements and becoming proportional.

  • 2017/03/27: Kathy Rath on Embarassed in Iowa

    Thank you Hugo. I appreciate how you wrote such deep truth; delivered succinctly, honestly, and with a wonderfully vivid example. You give hope and encouragement to all of us, no matter where on the path. Thank you also to John Dahms, who planted the seed at this workshop for the need to “surrender the armbar”….and to the tireless John Upshaw, who continues to teach me the “letting go”, of being honest with myself and others. Not an easy task. And thank you, Master Chen, for the enlightenment at the workshop.

  • 2017/03/27: Michael Winkler on International Living on Daqingshan

    I just added a Question & Answer section at the end of the post, right on top of the picture gallery. Please have a look.

  • 2017/03/24: kumarajiva on “Basic Foundations 2013” Online Video Trailer

    This is amazing stuff. I am not a Taiji practitioner. I have trained mainly in Pak Mei (白眉)and Wuzuquan (五祖拳). In the the two arts that I train in we focus a lot on the concepts of float, sink, swallow, spit. The basic foundations movements on this video really made me understand the concepts of float, sink, swallow, spit. In fact I feel these are the best exercises to understand these concepts that I never found in my own art. My Wuzuquan teacher also keeps tells us ‘not to move’ and I feel that master Chen explained this concept really well.

  • 2017/03/24: sammyckp on “Ping Wei 2012 Yilu Correction ” Online Video Trailer

    It is an excellent video for learning. I really eager to purchase the remaining video of Ping Wei (22 – 81) yilu correction.
    Thank you.

  • 2017/03/23: bruce.schaub on “Prague 2016-5/6” Online Video Trailer

    Excellent lesson in the foundational concept underlying Body Method. One body part can only perform one function, and the relativity of ‘ Don’t Move ‘. This is really an explanation of why isolation must be trained into the body, to remove our normal habits of using one local body part to try to do everything. Second video gives details and corrections on 2 person drill. ‘ Hands not long enough, it comes from the foot ‘

  • 2017/03/21: Paddy Hanratty on Toronto Workshop Notes (Twist Towel)

    Thanks for the video reference Bruce. I find that I usually miss something in my note taking which makes me reluctant to share. For this reason I invite additional information, in this case in the form of physical demonstration, as a means of further clarification, or by way of filling in the blanks.

  • 2017/03/21: Octavio Mellado on Yilu 13 Moves 2016

    Great video, amazing explanation!!

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