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  • 2017/10/14: Ted on Stillness in Motion, Motion in Stillness

    I agree…I now practice a type of tai chi but previously practiced and taught a Japanese form of karate for 35 years or so. me “stillness” is a term describing a state of mind vital to and part of any martial art properly taught.

    Other terms such as “no mind” have been used but its all one…No martial art can actually “work” without this powerful state of mind wherein one can experience the chi in motion. this state of mind is not related to violence in any way but rather leads to greater self awareness

  • 2017/10/12: Paddy Hanratty on Local & Global Moves, Rotations & Revolutions

    Thanks again

  • 2017/10/12: Paddy Hanratty on Points to Remember

    Thanks for the notes Gavin

  • 2017/10/10: Charles on New class starting in Ottawa

    Goodday James,
    How does one proceed to join your club on Saturday mornings ?
    Unfortunately, John does not teach anymore on Sunday’s.


  • 2017/10/10: Gavin on Points to Remember

    Hi Sarah, we had to double check with Master Chen with what he meant with that one too, here’s what he said:

    “The elbow cannot push towards the hand. It moves inward towards the dantian but the force generated lines up with the hand.”

    Also another thing to note is that all these points are in reference to push hands and making contact with an opponent.

    Hope that helps.

  • 2017/10/09: Dan Bixler on Learning the Practical Method: from Videos to Seminar

    Here is a link to Michael’s website –

  • 2017/10/09: Dan Bixler on Learning the Practical Method: from Videos to Seminar

    Hello Jason. Michael Calandra is a long time student and disciple of Master Chen, located in Floral Park, NY. I can vouch for him being an awesome teacher. I had a private lesson with him a couple of years ago, and learned so much. I haven’t been able to make it to a seminar yet, but I’m hoping to in the near future.

  • 2017/10/08: Jason on Learning the Practical Method: from Videos to Seminar

    Thanks Carlos and Ping Wei. Are there many Practical Method practitioners around NYC? I have only seen a school on Long Island, but perhaps thought there are those still at earlier stages in their training that they are not teaching and may be useful to work out with?

  • 2017/10/08: Sarah on Points to Remember

    Thank you,Gavin!I have one question:Why can’t the elbow be fixed up with the hand? Thank you!!

  • 2017/10/06: Carlos Hanson on Learning the Practical Method: from Videos to Seminar


    Good questions. I have spent the majority of my time as a remote learner. The first lesson is choreography. If you are interested, follow the videos to learn the movements. Don’t expect it to be correct, but that is ok. It is the starting point.

    If you really want to learn, you must attend a seminar. Ideally, a minimum of two. The second one teaches you that you didn’t learn as much as you thought you did the first time.

    At that point, maybe you’ll have enough to work on if you can’t regularly attend seminars. That is where I am. Three key points: don’t move, open kua, rotate.

    Occasionally, I ask my oldest son if I can push him around. It surprises me how easily I can and how hard he works in comparison. If you can find someone, even occasionally, that will help.

    My only concern at this point is if I am deviating from learning properly. I don’t know what my real progress is. But what I have learned and the potential I see is awesome. After my first seminar, I chose to make the Practical Method my primary, rather than supplemental, practice. I saw no point in anything else.

    If you can get to a seminar, you won’t be disappointed.

  • 2017/10/06: pingwei on Learning the Practical Method: from Videos to Seminar

    There’s an old saying, “Seeing is believing.” In Practical Method, most often, seeing is “deceiving”. What you saw is not what really happened. You have to touch Master Chen to get to understand how a move was executed. That’s the significant difference of learning from videos vs learning in a workshop or classes. Of course, videos are powerful resources. Workshops are irreplaceable.
    Master Chen’s scheduled US workshop will be on January 20 and 21, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • 2017/10/06: Jason on Learning the Practical Method: from Videos to Seminar

    This post is really helpful and encouraging for someone thinking about doing practical method. I was curious how the progress is several years on for those who began learning remotely/ online. I have begun trying the foundations from the online videos but worry about going down the path of practical method if I do not have anyone to train with – even if other novices. For those who trained remotely, did you have other novices to work with between hands on sessions with Master Chen or a qualified PM teacher, or as one respondent said peers or students who study other styles of Taiji/ martial arts?

    It seems from some past comments that some who did this had other taijiquan experience as well. Did you supplement existing practice with practical method or did you replace? I have found that the explanations of body mechanics in th videos have significantly increased my existing understanding of taijiquan already, which is why I have thought more about going more fully in the practical method direction.

  • 2017/09/26: Allan Belsheim on “Yilu Detailed Instructions Section 2, 2015” Online Video Trailer

    This is a series that contains all the 6 sections though only the first 2 sections have been released. The others will eventually follow. In the meantime, check the Energy Alignment series if you are impatient to continue the Yilu or find a qualified instructor if one is available. There are other videos that may also be helpful until Section 3 to 6 are released if you search the instructional Videos here.
    The Detailed Yilu Instruction Series is one of the most important collections concerning the choreography of the Chen Style Practical Method Yilu.

  • 2017/09/25: namphon on Thigh in Tai Chi Chuan Online Video

    Wow such good explanation and skill:)

  • 2017/09/08: James Tam on New class starting in Ottawa

    John Dahms’s classes are on Sundays 10 am – noon, (3rd floor) 111A Rideau Street. Students of all levels are welcome. John is an excellent instructor and is the most skilled in Ottawa.

  • 2017/09/07: James Tam on New class starting in Ottawa


    For John Dahm’s downtown studio, 111A Rideau Street, classes for students of all levels are on Sundays from 10am to 12 noon. You can try out a class (e.g., upcoming Sunday) before registering. John is an excellent instructor and the most skilled in Ottawa in the Practical Method.

    Beginner and intermediate level classes are also available through the Ottawa Taichi Chuan Association (OTCA). For the OTCA classes at the Adult High School, 300 Rochester St, they are from 9:30 to 11:30 am on Saturdays but the new season doesn’t start till after the Open House and Registration, which is on Sat. Sept 16, 2017 at 9:30 am. Details and calendar are available at

    For the Hunyuan style, check out the Fall programs at the Canterbury Community Association. Classes are Thursday evenings 6:30-7:45 pm.

    James Tam

  • 2017/09/04: Charles on New class starting in Ottawa

    Goodday James,
    Have not heard from John Dahms. Are you practicing this Tai Chi system? Or the Hunyuan style (or both)?How do they differ? I tried in the past to reach them but they seem to be very slow in replying (it takes a long time to hear from them.

    Thanks for the latest reply,


  • 2017/08/29: noch1er on “Yilu Detailed Instructions Section 2, 2015” Online Video Trailer

    Me too, I could not find part 3 and following. Is there a recommendation where I could find information relating specifically on the moves starting with 29?

  • 2017/08/28: James Tam on New class starting in Ottawa


    To ensure that John Dahms is aware of your query, I’ve copied and sent him your message by email. If you do not hear from him within a short time please let me know.

    James Tam

  • 2017/08/28: Clevenger on Becoming a disciple

    Congratulation Sven!

  • 2017/08/28: masiellojim on “Italy 2015-16/17” Online Video Trailer

    Excellent of forward movement and contact points

  • 2017/08/28: Charles on New class starting in Ottawa

    I was interested in classes. Would like to know days, times and cost. I have other questions but would be simpler by phone. My cell 613-797-2222


  • 2017/08/27: Ominae1 on Taiji Secrets revealed in Ottawa! Sept 2012 Seminar

    Good notes, this is the video dir that you are mention
    The other don’t appear, until the buy.

  • 2017/08/27: Ming on Taiji Secrets revealed in Ottawa! Sept 2012 Seminar

    I have updated and corrected the descriptions according to the Berlin video. Just reminds me how difficult it is to take notes and remembering Master Chen’s words. “)

    I have updated the wording again. This time to match the information from the Berlin seminar. The incoming force appears from 9 o’Clock (moving from left to right). In the first draft, the force was moving from 3 o’clock (moving from right to left) so that might cause confusion when people watch the Berlin clip.

  • 2017/08/26: Ming on Taiji Secrets revealed in Ottawa! Sept 2012 Seminar

    The detail explanation and schematic visualization of the Thirteen postures is now available on video

    see “Berlin 2016-10” Online Video

    Please support the site by purchasing the video.

    I have updated the diagram and notes to reflect the new information accordingly.

    Thanks for the correction Ominae1 :)

  • 2017/08/26: Ominae1 on “David Private Lesson 1” Online Video Trailer

    All that, really? Is a great deal!

  • 2017/08/24: Allan Belsheim on Hunyuan Qigong Online Video Trailer

    Charles, not knowing which of Grandmaster Feng’s videos you watched to compare with Grandmaster Chen’s instruction I can only say that Grandmaster Chen Zhonghua was taught directly by Feng for all Hunyuan forms whether Qigong or Taiji. In fact, the 48 form was first taught to Grandmaster Chen after Feng completed it.
    Feng’s forms were always a work in progress and there would be subtle and less subtle changes through the years as he perfected the movements. Grandmaster Chen would visit yearly and if the previous year’s changes were still in place, he would then update our class to the hopefully permanent changes. Grandmaster Chen was in constant contact with Grandmaster Feng until he died. Grandmaster Feng noted that Grandmaster Chen Zhonghua was one of his more knowledgeable students.
    Bottom line: whatever Grandmaster Chen teaches concerning the Hunyuan System is completely authentic and acknowledged by his sifu and friend Grandmaster Feng.

  • 2017/08/24: Ravi Mohan on “Yilu Detailed Instructions Section 1, 2015” Online Video Trailer

    This is really good, much better than the old videos, good as they were.
    I was a little skeptical of the ‘grid’ idea, but it really works.
    Hopefully the remaining sections will come out soon! Congratulations to everyone involved in the production.

  • 2017/08/23: Hugo Ramiro on “Eight Techniques of Taijiquan” Online Video Trailer

    Haha, very true Pawel, it is highly highly recommended to have Master Chen touch us so that we can feel the forces involved. As you know, we start with videos and then make sure to attend seminars where we can be physically corrected and demonstrated on. Absolutely essential.
    When Master Chen did “Kao” on me, I felt that all my space was eaten up, and that my energy was somehow in front of me and Master Chen was way behind and under me. Extremely instructive.

  • 2017/08/20: Pawel Mueller on “Eight Techniques of Taijiquan” Online Video Trailer

    Thanks Hugo for asking to show the techniques on somebody, which then was you. All this “Energies” are becoming more clear now. Good Video!!

  • 2017/08/18: Charles Evans on Hunyuan Qigong Online Video Trailer

    Master Chen question please. I saw master Feng doing hunyun on a youtube video no narrative speaker. Is your hunyun instruction teaching video the same movements as his on the youtube video?

  • 2017/08/14: Gerry Gebhart on Notes for North American Practical Method Training Camp 2017

    Great notes! Must have been a great workshop. While live stream was technically challenged, I did get enough to think about. Looks like a good group. I regret missing it. See us in Phoenix in January!

  • 2017/08/14: philcusick on Notes for North American Practical Method Training Camp 2017

    Steve Doob- at 75 years young, seeing you energetically attend all the sessions, and test your skills on the mat…man! you are an inspiration ! I enjoyed working with you at the workshop (and the airport). Hope to see you soon and hope that we are both still doing this when I am 75 and you are 95.

  • 2017/08/13: Steve Doob on Notes for North American Practical Method Training Camp 2017

    I had a great time at the camp. I liked everything about it. John and Levi had the logistics so well in hand that they could participate in most of the sessions and still appear relaxed. The location was lovely, the staff was friendly and served tasty food and all the participants were fun and eager to help.

    People have told me I have SPD—Self Perception Disorder—and the workshop made it clear that they were right. Maybe I’m not as young as I think I am. I had never tried the kind of push hands where the object is to throw you to the ground. Now that my knee is healed I think I should leave such pushing to the youngsters who were so good at it.

    I came to the camp all full of myself, thinking I was pretty good at the Yilu I’d been practicing for several months. My bubble was swiftly burst, but I brought home a lot of things to think about and practice that will keep me excited at least until the next workshop. Looking forward to the next Iowa camp!

  • 2017/08/09: John Upshaw on North American Taiji Training Camp 2017 Notes

    Thanks for the summary Jeff!

  • 2017/08/09: Clevenger on North American Taiji Training Camp 2017 Notes

    Changes Made, also made it clearer. If I’ve missed anyone else please let me know and I will update it. It is a factor of my poor memory.


  • 2017/08/09: Hugo Ramiro on North American Taiji Training Camp 2017 Notes

    Hi Jeff, thanks for a great article which I will reread again a couple of times!
    A geographical note, however – while Ontario is the best, we can also add at least two other locations: Alberta (Edmonton – Master Chen), and Saskatchewan (Saskatoon – Brennan).

  • 2017/08/09: Allan Belsheim on Detailed Hunyuan Qigong Online Video Trailer

    Hello Charles, I may be able to help get you the DVD’s. Email me at The Hunyuan Qigong Basic Instruction DVD would be $20 and the Hunyuan Qigong Detailed Instructions would be $30 plus shipping. Let me know if interested.

  • 2017/08/08: Aaron Bartholomew on Notes for North American Practical Method Training Camp 2017

    Great notes, Kelvin!
    Attaching mine from the same event:

  • 2017/08/06: Charles Evans on Detailed Hunyuan Qigong Online Video Trailer

    I don’t have a computer to download or burn dvds so (how can I get get both) 1- the hun yuan follow along dvd and 2- the detailed hun yuan dvd. What would be the cost of each, what is shipping cost? and how do I pay?credit card or money order, ect? I live in the USA. Thank you for a reply. Also can I order by phone???

  • 2017/08/05: 95Debora on Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Sword Form

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  • 2017/08/03: Rick Pietila on “Daqingshan 2016 Seminar” Online Video Trailer

    In these two videos Master Chen talks and demonstrates the elbow/kua alignment in such a clear fashion! He also talks about the progression from middle to lower, middle to above links that are in use of the hand foot connection for navigation. goes on to talk about when pulling-use the toes, pushing- use the heel, power being on both ends, not in the middle. A must have video for anyone looking for the correct body alignment used on yourself, against the opponent.

  • 2017/07/31: Thanos on “Two Lines and Stretch” Online Video Trailer

    A really nice video and with some interesting stories about Chen Fake and Master Hong! I remeber when i met Master Chen for the first time in Lin Yi i think,when we went to the restaurant with the rest of his close students,he used to practice the hand strech and while we were waiting for lunch he made a small lecture about it. Didn’t get much that time i have to admit! Watching this video clears a lot of things in my head!

  • 2017/07/27: Ominae1 on “Berlin 2016-6” Online Video Trailer

    Somebody a clue about this?

  • 2017/07/26: Jozef on “Yilu Detailed Instructions Section 2, 2015” Online Video Trailer

    Video is excellent, but where is the rest?? I’ve been looking for a 3th/4th section so I could finish the Yilu but nowhere to find. Al I missing something?

  • 2017/07/26: Allan Belsheim on Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method (Book)

    Unfortunately, this is the only section of Hong’s book available in English. There are four more parts yet to be translated into books. However, this book provides exceptional insights into and a platform for understanding the intricacies of Chen Style Practical Method.

  • 2017/07/24: sifra on Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method (Book)

    Hello, I am bit confused after reading the description – are there more volumes of this book also available?
    Thanks in advance for clarification :)

  • 2017/07/23: allenjoshua7000 on “Daqingshan Lecture #9, 2010” Online Video

    very nice.

  • 2017/07/22: Chen Zhonghua on About Greater Vancouver

    2017.08.12-13 122nd Chen Zhonghua Greater Vancouver Workshop
    2017/08/12 – 2017/08/13
    Workshop organizer:
    Bill Vanderhall
    Vancouver student:
    Wilkin Ng
    Workshop Location:
    Thornhill Hall
    26007 98th Ave.
    Maple Ridge BC
    Time: 9am-5pm Saturday, Sunday

  • 2017/07/21: Ominae1 on “Berlin 2016-6” Online Video Trailer

    Thank you Master Chen great video.
    I have a question about issue power or fajin and this video. It seems that the hit shown here is different to the punch (in the form for example), where one looks like the result of the spine vertical ondulation, the other look the result from rotation and compression. I want to know if I’m correct here, or there is ondulation in the Yilu punch too? Can the spine make a vertical ondulation during a rotation? Or there are two or more different ways to issue power?
    I hope that you can see these questions and thank you for share your knowledge.

  • 2017/07/21: Mahalia1979 on Chen Zhonghua QQ Student Group

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  • 2017/07/18: KT on “Berlin 2016-9” Online Video Trailer

    The beginning and closing footages are that of Hong Kong workshop and the first minute is soundless.

  • 2017/07/17: Shalamantu Lwazi on About Greater Vancouver

    Hello. I hope all is well for you. I am a resident of Burnaby and would like to have information on the upcoming workshops if any that will be held in our area. Thank you for your time.


  • 2017/07/17: Chen Zhonghua on Shoulder, Kua, Shun and Ni

    The best way to to following the principle of “two adjacent parts cannot move in the same direction” in dealing with this kind of questions.

  • 2017/07/15: Janet Russo on Arkansas – Chen Taiji Academy

    Moving to Eureka Springs, AR- I am taking Chen Tai Chi for the first time here in SC. Wondering if you are near E.S? Thanks

  • 2017/07/11: Sven on Becoming a disciple

    Thank you so much, Harshil!

  • 2017/07/11: Sven on Becoming a disciple

    Thank you very much, 胡歌!

  • 2017/07/10: 胡歌 on Becoming a disciple

    So glad to hear Sven! Congratulations!

  • 2017/07/08: Harshil on Becoming a disciple

    Congratulations Sven!

  • 2017/07/05: Jossy92 on “Prague 2016-12” Online Video Trailer

    Profound insights!: The ability to teach the complex through simple experimentation with the student’s own body is an art.
    Wish I could express gratitude in the same way insights were transmitted in this video.
    Thank you

  • 2017/07/04: Kelvin Ho on Authorized Instructor List


    You can also try leaving a message here:


  • 2017/06/29: allenjoshua7000 on First Practical Method Seattle Gathering

    Hi James, I also live in Seattle and am looking for any one who can teach or practice.
    Thank You so much!
    Joshua Allen

  • 2017/06/29: allenjoshua7000 on Authorized Instructor List

    Hi, I am living in Seattle WA USA and I am wondering how I can get contact info on any one practicing or teaching in my area.

    Thank You very much!
    Joshua Allen

  • 2017/06/27: John Upshaw on Calendar

    Thanks for responding Chan by e-mail,. The last bed is yours!

  • 2017/06/26: John Upshaw on Calendar

    The camp opens up on July 28th. Master Chen’s first instruction is 6 am on the 29th. It concludes August 1st. The camp is at Prairiewoods Retreat And Conference Center, 120 East Boyson Rd, Hiawatha, Ia 52233. We have one cottage left…one bed at the main lodge. If you are interested in attending, please email me at


  • 2017/06/26: chab.chan on Calendar

    Hi, I am trying to plan travel and accommodation for the Iowa one week seminar. Are the dates from July 25th or July 27th to August 1st (there are two headers with different dates)? Also, will this be hosted in Iowa City at the University of Iowa? Thank you in advance for the information.

  • 2017/06/25: Sven on “Kua opening mechanics” Online Video Trailer

    What has to be done to open the Kua is properly shown and described in this video.
    Very helpful to figure out what to attempt while doing e.g the circle. I watched it over and over again!

  • 2017/06/20: Lucas Brouns on Prague 2017 Workshop Photos

    Dear reader,

    The workshop in Prague have been so good.
    The practicing and instruction methods were set up nice and smooth.
    This created much space to learn from master Chen Zhonghua, from Brennan, from each other (and from your self I reckon).

    I write this review from Amersfoort, in the Netherlands. Please comment as you like. [Admin, feel free to repost this if there is a better place in the website.]

    There was a fine balance in some more intensive excersises and giving yourself a rest.
    For two items the group was split up but mostly we were all together.
    Sometimes a small group got together after one of the breaks, to start a little earlier with stories or exercises.

    In external martial arts, the muscle looks great; it is easier to practice because people will watch you. So our style is more difficult to practice..

    At the age of arount 60 human muscle and bones start declining. It’s ok to use muscle in excersising to learn Yilu. But we work towards using less muscle.

    Grandmaster Chen Zhonghua advised us: “Practice Yilu every day. Do the Foundations.” We said farewell and thanked the Master.

    After the weekend, I personally felt my bones were stronger and whatever is around my bones is more relaxed.
    I felt at home in my body and had some wonderful memories from a safe period in m childhood.
    I created an opening in a pestering little conflict with a neightbour, that had lasted for several years.
    Some excersises were hard but I skipped a few as my body condition is not so good in this period of my life.
    Still I have done things I would’t have guessed I could do.

    I wish the Master, the Disciples and everybody here good luck. Thank You and See you again!
    Thank you Lukas and Pavel for the hospitality.

  • 2017/06/18: Jossy92 on “Prague 2016-15” Online Video Trailer

    What a great online way to learn for a beginner to this style of TC!

    Watch video…practice….re-watch video….practice….re-watch….practice….Rewa…..etc.,etc.
    I try to “feel” the movement over and over until my “grasp” of it stabilizes and begins to match what the audio is saying. Probably making lots of mistakes, but I have something stable enough to correct as I practice.
    Very, very greatful for these short clips.

  • 2017/06/12: admin2 on My Folder

    The videos are fine on my computer, I sent an email to get some more info

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