Taiji : The drill is a drill

by Niko on 2011/01/11

What do you think ?

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Nikolai February 15, 2011 at 10:55 am

Hi, just some thoughts here i actually wanted to post on the specific category, but that is not possible anymore.
It deals with shoulder and Kua and the connections between the trigramms.
The Kua is associated with the element of fire. If you imagine the trigramme you find both solid lines
having embraced the weak. That is one solid surface from the femur-head and the one from the pelvis. Inbetween the “soft” synovial fluid.
In the shoulder it is somehow opposit. The trigramme of water is to weak lines having a solid center. The upper arm head is the solid part and the muscles and sinews the soft ones giving the shoulder great freedom. In the joint, the part coming from the scapula can be neglected as a solid surface since it
is not restricting the movements by the small surface it has.
So according to this model, if you can extinguish the fire in the opponents kuas with the fire water
( hehe) of your shoulders he can´t move anymore ;)
That is strange, since i can not remember dreaming to become a fireman in my childhood.


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