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  • 2023/12/07: John Upshaw on “Chen Zhonghua English Instructor Class 20231201” Online Video Purchase

    After a week of training this, left and right separation, I noticed an increase in fullness and the end of the move becomes more clear, which allows be to add the extra stretch and moves become more segmented and seamless.

  • 2023/11/24: Camille Lipford on “Chen Zhonghua English Instructor Class 20231006” Online Video Purchase


  • 2023/11/23: Dina Kerr on “Chen Zhonghua English Instructor Class 20231006” Online Video Purchase

    in my next life, Chen Ray will be my taiji master …Dina

  • 2023/11/17: Ran Xiao on Purchase Chen Zhonghua New York Practical Method Workshop 2023 Video Package

    I had access to this package earlier from attending this workshop, somehow I’ve lost it now, can I please get the access back? Thanks!


  • 2023/11/15: James Tam on “Shoujiao Bie-Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20221201” Online Video Purchase

    You do not only get to learn a fundamental concept, but also get to learn a drill and application from this video. You will also incidentally learn basic action elements that often go together in Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method.

    The elementary pattern of “bie” is explained and demonstrated.
    Details are then provided in easy-to-understand steps about:
    i. Rotation arising from a front-back and left-right bie action(s), when stuck
    ii. The component of sinking to hip and then to foot, to avoid being stuck
    iii. The timing on touch for the bie set-up, to be effective
    iv. Maintenance of body control through pressing down, without losing balance
    It is a very good mini-lesson video.

  • 2023/11/05: Jon Lu on Purchase Chen Zhonghua New York Practical Method Workshop 2022 Video Package

    I do see the videos now. Thank you!

  • 2023/11/01: Practical Method on Purchase Chen Zhonghua New York Practical Method Workshop 2022 Video Package

    Please let me know if you would like to see 2022 or 2023 videos. You should be able to access the videos through the links above. If you search on my folder, they should be there as well.

  • 2023/11/01: Practical Method on Purchase Chen Zhonghua New York Practical Method Workshop 2022 Video Package

    You should be able to access the videos through the links above. If you search on my folder, they should be there as well.

  • 2023/10/31: nryan on Purchase Chen Zhonghua New York Practical Method Workshop 2022 Video Package

    same problem as j2dl, purchased both 2022 and 2023 packages, they seem to have been merged and no longer have access to either.

  • 2023/10/27: James Tam on Spring is here! What’s in a bounce?

    Bounce again on the mountain! From Yilu … first closing.

  • 2023/10/24: j2dl on Purchase Chen Zhonghua New York Practical Method Workshop 2022 Video Package

    I’ve purchased this but can no longer access the videos. They are no longer in my folder.

  • 2023/10/15: Nikolai on Holding Center and the Taiji State

    This is an awesome post KT!

  • 2023/10/14: Nikolai on Beauty of Taijiquan

    Kelvin, it is of course true, that Taiji is the split of Yin and Yang. But it is also, according to a Video from GM Chen, a sequence of consecutive splittings on our body to achieve higher levels: 2⁰, 2¹, 2², 2³, …
    I assume that 2⁰ is Wuji, then 2¹ is Taiji and then further splittings of each split into higher resolution, so to say. What i really want to try to find out and to describe is, is what is the relation of the concept of splitting of Yin and Yang and the desired “State of Taiji” ( = Peng-Energy?). The exponents in the power of two sequence, interpreted as a lever in the stick model, are the pivots. So the more pivots designated or produced on the body, the more pairs of Yin and Yang are produced. Would this be the mechanical description of Peng-energy in the body to have multiple sets of levers working together? Or is this the wrong approach to try to explain Peng in Taiji in a mechanical sense?
    Grandmaster Chen ones told me, it was in 2010 shortly before my trip to DQS, that Peng=Taiji=Life. This is of course a proposition of the Grandmaster, that is beyond the scope of ordinary humans. People who attended the recent Berlin workshop reading this might understand why Grandmaster Chen spoke of the one and only (internal) medicine.

  • 2023/10/14: Nikolai on Allan Belsheim Report

    Great post Allan!
    Gives me lots of motivation in order not to delay the coming of the “Hunyuan World”!!!
    That i met Joseph Chen in 2009 on youtube was no coincidence. It was the call of the “Heavenly Circle” – amazing!!!

  • 2023/10/11: dsrbp on “Allan Belsheim Hunyuan 24-20220813″Online Video Purchase

    Is there a way to purchase this $8 video using just my credit card? I do not wish to use web dollars. Thanks.

  • 2023/10/08: Camille Lipford on Daqingshan Mountain Taiji Resort Photos October 2023

    Beautiful photos! Looks like a peaceful autumn on the mountain.

  • 2023/09/27: bjng on Purchase Chen Zhonghua New York Practical Method Workshop 2022 Video Package

    Thanks for clarification, that worked!

  • 2023/09/21: Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy on Purchase Chen Zhonghua New York Practical Method Workshop 2022 Video Package

    They are accessible only when you purchase them.

  • 2023/09/21: bjng on Purchase Chen Zhonghua New York Practical Method Workshop 2022 Video Package

    Would love to purchase this package, but I can also just see one Video page. All the others say page is private or has been moved. Are they accesible once I purchase or is there something wrong with the links?

  • 2023/09/06: Nikolai on Shoulder and Kua

    The significance is most probably, that this is one phenomenon of Taiji. I suppose, that in the process of learning, this is what Master Chen describes in the next post as innate body behavior. This is very interesting, because this means, that Taiji is the innate nature of us, but we have to train to access or unlock this state, our true nature.

  • 2023/09/06: Nikolai on Common Experience

    These gag reflexes in training might be one of such common experience. But there could be also other experiences. For me, these reflexes started four months after i returned from the mountain. On the recent Berlin workshop Master Chen said, that i could do the moves already on the mountain. So, prior to my travel to the mountain in 2010, i did intensive training with other, most likely “Taiji-Experiences” after my Taiji-Journey started in April 2009.

  • 2023/09/06: Paddy on Holding Center and the Taiji State

    Thanks for this great article KT

  • 2023/09/06: Nikolai on Shoulder and Kua

    Kelvin, after twelve and a half years of training, do you understand now about the issue of the gap reflexes?

  • 2023/08/31: Vincent Den Hengst on “12-Toronto Practical Method Workshop-20221009” Online Video Purchase

    Taiji skills can be very dangerous and you need to be careful and / or need a good instructor to guide you through the learning process like in this video. Some move used by Chen Fake explained for practice by Master Chen.

  • 2023/08/24: Thomas Poitreau on “Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20230823” Online Video Purchase

    1) Issue Power
    When issue power in ‘six sealing four closing’ , one key point is the positioning of the rear knee.
    It should align at a 90° angle relative to the hip line while avoiding any elevation of the rear kwa.
    This allow to effectively harness and concentrate power.

    2) The so cold saying of ’empty your cup’ is pointless.
    This saying is essentially flawed, as it inaccurately likens the human spirit to a cup.
    Unlike a cup, the human mind doesn’t function in such a way that one can consciously choose to empty it.
    We don’t decide what we know, we know it and that’s it.
    However what can be done is the continuous acquisition of new knowledge, gradually refining and expanding upon existing understanding until the new supersedes the old.”

  • 2023/08/23: Bill Cullen on “Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20230823” Online Video Purchase

    Three important Yilu corrections

    1 – One “Not That Important Thing” (meaning it looks insignificant, but it is the most important part)

    The hand must be in the correct tile hand position at all times. The wrist needs to be stretched out. All moves must be from the elbow joint. You think the hand moves, but the hand absolutely does not move.
    Because the wrist is not correctly set, the power from the elbow is totally compromised and you have flimsy moves – you have no power. Everything has to come out of your elbow. The tile-hand structure never moves.

    Our normal behavior is that we want to move our hand and wrist in the direction we want to go, and that results in a less elbow action. The hand and the wrist want to move independently in the desired direction, which is actually fighting ourselves. You have to turn your elbow so much, and then if that\’s not enough, turn your body to get your totally locked tile-hand to point in the direction you want to move.
    The key is: by restricting your wrist – not being able to turn – then you have to make the whole body move to make the slightest or smallest change in direction.
    Every small change of direction causes your entire body to shift. To engage, there is no bending of the wrist, and no move of the finger – you have use, your elbow and then kua, and then if that’s still not enough you have to change the whole body in the required direction. This forces your behaviour, you movements to actually do Yilu. You have whole body, entire choreography, to accomplish something.

    2 – The Big thing is lack of rotation and grinding.

    When you do a correct rotation in the first move of Yilu, the right heel needs to grind on the floor or the ground.
    Grinding is “nian”. It’s very, very, important.
    That grinding causes a whole avalanche of correct things to come out. There has to be a stick, a rotation and power present to have grinding – otherwise you are faking it.
    When you make this move with your hand, like in six sealing four closing, you imagine the base of your palm touches something (e.g. the opponent’s arm), you make sure that your arm structure is very stiff. Then you only push from the shoulder to make the action grind. Otherwise you’re just making a flimsy moves.

    Exercise to train rotation.
    Lift your toes on your right foot and press into the heel.
    The upper-body and lower-body stiffen, stretch out and make your knees straight. Step out slightly with your right foot so that it’s easier to rotate and you can feel it better.
    When you can rotate the heel, and pull or press the head into the heel without bending at the waist or knees – when it’s a stick – that’s a rotation. When you do it right, that heel grinds on the floor.

    3 – Block Touching Coat

    You must clearly express that the two opposite hands reach the two ends. To do this you need to go to the end and stop, to feel and express that your middle splits two ways – stretching out to the two opposite hands so they reach the two ends. Otherwise, you are making a motion that is blended and not clear.

  • 2023/08/23: Simon Yau on “Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20230823” Online Video Purchase

    My Note for today’s lesson Are Hand out Elbow back ( in ) Dan tin don’t move , every move have to follow through, never go back an Forth.When hand out elbow in on the line Shoulder down ( open ) to Issue power . When Issue power centre never move only move two end .

  • 2023/08/17: Vincent Den Hengst on “47-Chen Zhonghua Berlin Practical-Method 20230311” Online Video Purchase

    There are only three types of moves in taiji. Master Chen is demonstrating and explaining very clearly in this video.

  • 2023/08/16: Kelvin Ho on “Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20230816” Online Video Purchase

    Two gears make the outmost gearse opposite rotation.
    Three gears make the outmost gears to turn in the same direction.

  • 2023/08/12: Ramona Gomez on Purchase Chen Zhonghua New York Practical Method Workshop 2022 Video Package

    I see there’s only one short video in this ‘package’. Will you please add the rest of the workshop vidoes from New York?

  • 2023/08/10: taibarb7 on Purchase Chen Zhonghua New York Practical Method Workshop 2022 Video Package

    OOPS – There’s something wrong with the link – you are selling ONE vid (value 1$) for 50 Webdollars …

    I’d like to get the package but … 🙂



  • 2023/08/05: Steve Doob on 2023 Full-Year Instructor Online Class

    This is an advanced class you’re not ready for. You should take the Weds./Thurs. classes, especially if they are starting a new beginning series. As to your age, I’m 81 and extremely happy with the Weds./Thurs. classes!

  • 2023/08/03: Niel Summer on Purchase Chen Zhonghua New York Practical Method Workshop 2022 Video Package

    Niel Summer, August 2, 2023

    Master Chen’s Seminar, July 29, 2023
    My experience with the martial arts has mainly been karate (Japanese and recently Okinawan),
    with a modest amount of jiu-jitsu, and maybe a sprinkling of kickboxing. The Chinese martial
    arts have always foreign to me (sorry, could not resist the pun); limited to what I saw in low
    quality kung fu movies, complete with thin, predictable plots and bad dubbing; presented with
    poor cinematography.
    From that limited perspective, I gathered a respect for the flowing beauty of Chinese fighting
    arts but had doubt about their effectiveness.
    That changed abruptly.
    When Master Chen demonstrated that Taiji was as devastaiong as it was subtle, I coldly realized
    that my reservations about the functionality of Taiji were born out of ignorance. The only thing
    I had correct was my recogniton of its grace.
    What shocked and astounded me was the amount of power that could be created with the
    slightest motion. Until then, I “knew” that the only way to generate massive power was to
    simultaneously torque the hips, contract the abdominal muscles, and thrust the arm. Yes, that
    works—I dread the thought of being on the receiving end of a Mike Tyson punch—but now I
    know it is not the only show in town. There is also the qua.
    How was this founded? Who figured out how to “find the center”? To become a sock? The
    concepts are difficult enough to understand, let alone discover and develop. How, just how,
    could these movements—which seem unnatural to me—get recognized as the foundation of a
    system of self-defense? Who, how, when, why: during the seminar, it seemed that all of my
    thoughts began with one of those words.
    It led me to think of the differences between Taiji and karate. How could they be so far apart?
    Why did the Okinawans and Japanese abandon what I was seeing? Was it the time it took to
    master the use of the qua, or at least make it functional? I am not a martial arts historian (or
    any other type of historian for that matter), but this sparked my interest in the subject.
    I took my first karate class when I was twenty-five years of age. There were long hiatuses
    between then and now. (The bulk of which were dedicated to raising my children, although I
    admit there were some not so good reasons as well.) But all throughout, my karate experience
    remained with me. Thirty-five years later, I knew I was no master of the Asian martial arts—not
    even close—but I thought I had a rudimentary understanding of them. How wrong I was…

  • 2023/07/21: rory trend on Concave Circle 2 Online Video Trailer

    This is my favourite of all the videos.

  • 2023/07/19: Practical Method on 2023 North American Practical Method Training Camp with Master Chen Zhonghua
  • 2023/06/23: John Upshaw on “Kua Knee-Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20220921” Online Video Purchase

    “The training is to link your kua to your elbow.” MC

  • 2023/06/22: Gerry Gebhart on 2023 North American Practical Method Training Camp with Master Chen Zhonghua

    Yes I am interested in this John

  • 2023/06/15: Vincent Den Hengst on 1-day summer workshop in Berlin

    Good initiative, a recommendation to all practitioners of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method and other martial arts. Sven and Carlotta are excellent teachers!!!

  • 2023/06/12: chesterbox on “Yilu Detailed Instructions All Six Sections, 2015” Online Video Purchase

    Can you please tell me how you did it as it would be helpful for me too.

  • 2023/05/30: Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy on 2023 Full-Year Instructor Online Class

    This one. The full year instructor class.

  • 2023/05/28: Sooyeon Zacharias on Detailed Hunyuan Qigong Online Video Trailer


  • 2023/05/28: David on Detailed Hunyuan Qigong Online Video Trailer

    I like to pick up the Hunyuan Qigong

  • 2023/05/25: Sven Carl Gusowski on Portraits

    Hi Olav,
    get in touch with me here:
    auf dem Tab ‘Kontakt’ findest Du meine Nr. oder kannst eine Nachrich hinterlassen.
    Dank & Gruß,

  • 2023/05/25: Blake on 2023 Full-Year Instructor Online Class

    Master Chen,

    Which Class is best suited for me?


  • 2023/05/25: Sooyeon Zacharias on Port Alberni Gathering
  • 2023/05/24: Jennifer Hastings on Port Alberni Gathering

    I am wondering if you have eve or weekend classes in Port Alberni. Thankyou

  • 2023/05/23: Sooyeon Zacharias on Portraits
  • 2023/05/16: John Upshaw on 2023 North American Practical Method Training Camp with Master Chen Zhonghua

    For those arriving on the 11th, Prariewoods is allowing early check in at your expense, which is significantly less than a hotel and others will be there to train with. Please let me know if you are interested in doing so.

  • 2023/05/15: Olav Kittel on Portraits

    Hello Sifu and students,

    I am a practitioner from Germany, student of Ypeng Jiao and mostly Long Jun (Long Bao Dortmund). ATM I practice with Shaolin Grandmaster Shi Yan Lin in Berlin. I have always been a great fan of Hung Yuan, and would like to have a contact with you, humbly.

    Thank you and much love and respect,
    Olav Kittel (Berlin)

  • 2023/04/27: Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy on 2023 Full-Year Instructor Online Class

    Yes, the school is open and full time studies starts May 1, 2023. You are welcome to join us on Daqingshan!

  • 2023/04/27: lusnalvin on 2023 Full-Year Instructor Online Class


    is the tachi school on daqingshan still open?

  • 2023/04/20: Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy on 6 methods of learning Tai Chi
  • 2023/04/13: Wendall DeVera on 6 methods of learning Tai Chi

    Very good points to incorporate into training. I would like to know about your classes…

  • 2023/04/08: Scott Folsom on “Scott Folsom Positive Circle Correction by Kelvin Ho 20230401” Online Video Purchase

    Positive and negative circle corrections.

    Corrections to my Stance:

    My feet and toes most point straightforward on a straight line and then I step the front foot forward an angle it at 45° out.

    My front knee must be located directly above my heel. And I get there by keeping my body straight up and down, and the whole body moves out as one piece until my knee is over my heel.

    Back leg knee: without moving my foot, my back knee goes up and out to stretch open a kua.

    Shoulders are on the line or parallel to the line that I drew on the floor; am I hips are on that same line like a square?

    Kelvin had me focus on, not turning my shoulders towards my hand, so the shoulders are perpendicular to a straight line in front of me. My head can turn, but not my body.

    With my front arm, straight out in line with my thigh and toes is where I do the circle.
    My palm points to the floor, my elbow points to the floor I focus on a dot on that line and slide my hand in a straight line and words by retracting the elbow to the ribs.

    Then my way starts to turn with my oboe here to my ribs the waist tries to turn on a flat plane just above my glutes, shoulders, don’t move only the waist. Then the hand stretches back out to the original position.

    Negative circle: same stance as positive circle arm out like starting point or ending point position.

    Palm facing down, elbow, facing down, the hand pulls in on the line with the leg and doesn’t go off it and contacts the ribs and turn at the waist. The hand goes down and around in the bottom, half of a circle back out to the starting point with the middle finger, still pointing at that point.

    And practice practice practice.

  • 2023/04/04: Nicholas Fung馮嘉傑(香港) on Zhang Weili’s Hyperarch Fascia Trainer Chong Xie: How Power Is Generated

    Yes, I am finished with my fascial release. The result is that I can feel my inside move better. My feet are more agile. Before, it was just one block as the muscles were stuck. I can also turn better. It is like my body go a tuneup.

    Fascial is released through having a fixed point while the whole body moves around it. I am experimenting on using this to train. For example, if my waist is turning to the right, as in Fist Draping Body, someone would push my skin against my turn providing a guide for a much more stable turn.

  • 2023/03/30: Nicholas Fung馮嘉傑(香港) on Zhang Weili’s Hyperarch Fascia Trainer Chong Xie: How Power Is Generated

    In regards to fascia, I am nearly finished with the 28th day of my fascial reset. The knots in my body are going away. Especially with my shin, with a loser shin muscles, I feel that the connection/stretch to the ground is much better:

  • 2023/03/23: drfolsom on 2023 Full-Year Instructor Online Class

    Thanks for your response. I’ve been watching reading and dabbling for 6 years. I think I need a beginners instruction but the times don’t work for me. Any other suggestions?

  • 2023/03/20: Kelvin Ho on 2023 Full-Year Instructor Online Class

    Are you new to Practical Method? This class is for people who have studied Practical Method for some time. At minimum, you should already know the yilu.

  • 2023/03/13: drfolsom on 2023 Full-Year Instructor Online Class

    is this class available for someone that has never done online classes before? I live in Alaska and want to learn as much as I can. Fridays are my only availability.

  • 2023/02/22: Allan Belsheim on Custom Hand forged Damascus Oxtail Broadsword

    Yes, Paddy the Broadsword is still available and can be shipped internationally. Price is as indicated, plus shipping. It can also be upgraded with a better Elkhorn grip costing extra or leather wrapped for a better grip for no extra charge. For ordering or more information, contact me by email:

  • 2023/02/22: Paddy Hanratty on Custom Hand forged Damascus Oxtail Broadsword

    Hi Allan,

    Just wondering if this broadsword is still available?



  • 2023/02/14: Dave. Amberik on 2023 Full-Year Instructor Online Class

    I have seen serval of Master Chen videos. So sad I did not learn about Master Chen decades ago. I will be 79 this year, is there still time to learn about his method?
    I do have alittle experience over the years in martial arts. I am currently learning The 24 from Yang Style Tai Chi on a senior level. Is there any advice Master Chen could give to a senior practitioner?

  • 2023/02/11: Gerry Gebhart on Chen Xu vs Jiang Linghui at Wudang Competition in 2015

    I agree with Pawel and Gora. I saw Jiang on DQS in 2013 and 2015. He defeated many larger opponents.
    That Chen Xu could give him such a difficult time is truly amazing. Definitely a testament to his training!

  • 2023/02/11: Gora Nebulana on Chen Xu vs Jiang Linghui at Wudang Competition in 2015

    Against someone who is much bigger, stronger, skillfull and also have a lots of experience is a very difficult task if not impossible. Shixiong Chen Xu especially in the year 2015 can survived that havoc have done realy good job. He proofed how good the quality of our Shifu and linneage teaching. Shixiong Chen Xu must have improved much now compared to 2015. I’m very proud to be part of the system!

  • 2023/02/11: Pawel Mueller on Chen Xu vs Jiang Linghui at Wudang Competition in 2015

    This is a very interesting fight. Considering that Jiang Linghui (black shirt) had 117kg at that time and Chen Xu (blue shirt) only 60kg.
    Jiang Linghui was also three times Champion at the Da Qing Shan Taijiquan competition. He‘s very skillful and yet had a very hard time against Chen Xu.
    What I see is, that Jiang Linghui is double heavy, while Chen Xu is not. So Chen Xu lacks the ability to throw his opponent, but he can absorb the incoming power to the ground easily which makes him withstand a much heavier opponent without getting exhausted too fast.
    I think it was GM Hong who said, that the basic Peng is the ability to withstand incoming power easily so you can concentrate more on your technique to overcome him.
    I think this is a good example of this ability.

  • 2023/02/09: James Tam on “Gears Power” Online Video Purchase

    A great lesson on gear action by Master Chen Zhonghua, International Standard Bearer of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method. In a total of 8 minutes, Chen Zhonghua Laoshi explains in great detail the internal actions of the layout, structure(s), interactions, and linkages involved. He starts out simply with two gears and gradually show how he can leverage one by changing the gear ratios in a concrete and practical way to do real work (push/press/squeeze/twist/grind/lever/bounce, etc) against a resisting opponent. He then ends up talking about more advanced skills and training involving linkages that are “unreal” (not observable, but that can only be felt by an opponent). Master Chen actually demonstrates how in a very easy to understand (but difficult to acquire and train skill). At this stage, outsiders would not be able to see the circles and all outcomes would be seen as a “mystery.” This video is highly recommended for everyone, especially those who have been practicing for a while with an understanding of circles, arcs, linkages, as well as GEARS & LEVERAGE. This is about real practical Tai Chi and not about mysterious chi. Proper tutelage is required for Tai Chi to do work in the real word and this video does exactly that.

  • 2023/02/07: James Tam on “11-Sydney Practical Method Workshop 20220903” Online Video Purchase

    Contents of this 11-Sydney Practical Method Workshop 2022.09.03 (11 min video). Clear, practical and concrete details of what to do (and variations) in applying taijiquan methods against an incoming force from an opponent, such as a low kick. Take advantage of opponent’s move, by adapting to new situations. Set yourself up statically and advance from there. Centre has to be stable; if opponent tries to destabilize, adapt by using your limbs (arms and feet). Don’t give the opponent slack. Don’t move like a “normal” person. Wait for opponent’s move, create a closed-circuit loop and double the outgoing energy. Excellent explanations with actual spontaneous demonstrations.

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