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  • 2022/06/30: Camille Lipford on PM Online Class Registration and Login

    Will Shifu be offering July Zoom classes? Don’t see them available for purchase.

  • 2022/06/30: Nikolai on What’s the highest level of achievement in taiji?

    What is right and what is wrong?
    Wrong: Believing in the Bible and Jesus.
    Right: Practicing Taiji and Qi Gong.
    That´s what life taught me as a socialized westerner. Any christian Practical Method practioneers on this site?

  • 2022/06/29: Nikolai on Hospital Assassin’s Attempt on my Life Foiled by my Taiji Training

    Every infusion has a stopper to regulate the flow. You saw it coming but you didn´t act, why?

  • 2022/06/27: Vincent Den Hengst on Hospital Assassin’s Attempt on my Life Foiled by my Taiji Training

    Wishing all best of health and strength to recover fully and become imoral before the assasins ever try someting again.

    Seriously, do well and be safe, John.

  • 2022/06/26: Mike Menzies on Hospital Assassin’s Attempt on my Life Foiled by my Taiji Training

    Hi John God what a traumatic experience to go through. So pleased to hear you pulled through and are back into it. What slack staff. You must have a case there surely although I don’t know your rules. In NZ one cannot sue medical people in a situation like that but we have an organization that one can apply to for compensation while one is off work. Get some compensation and go training full time. Its a good life. Take care and all the best.

  • 2022/06/26: John Upshaw on Hospital Assassin’s Attempt on my Life Foiled by my Taiji Training

    Thanks brother…many more yilus left in me!

  • 2022/06/26: John Upshaw on Hospital Assassin’s Attempt on my Life Foiled by my Taiji Training

    Thanks Steve…not sure if I would completely retire, I find much purpose in my work. Though more time to train Taiji would be nice!

  • 2022/06/26: John Upshaw on Hospital Assassin’s Attempt on my Life Foiled by my Taiji Training

    That would be nice…full time Taiji!

  • 2022/06/26: Steve Doob on Hospital Assassin’s Attempt on my Life Foiled by my Taiji Training

    Glad you’re in good shape! I’m not an attorney, but could this be a retirement opportunity?

  • 2022/06/26: Nikolai on What’s the highest level of achievement in taiji?

    What is right and what is wrong?
    Totally wrong is to study at an university, no matter which and what, an think you know something significant. That is the delusional way of “modernity”. Totally correct is the traditional study of the circle, to align with the objective reality, the Tao, through activation of internal energy.

  • 2022/06/26: Nikolai on Hospital Assassin’s Attempt on my Life Foiled by my Taiji Training

    Apparently the Dao invited you to learn a lesson about its mysteries. You have been at the door, but you refused to go through, meaning, letting go in the right moment.
    Are you going to sue the hospital and become a millionaire?

  • 2022/06/26: Nikolai on What’s the highest level of achievement in taiji?

    I agree, you can raise your Taiji level and gain more understanding of reality, the Dao. To get rid of the illusions we believe in to be reality is the right way. It might even be possible or necessary to get help from an unexpected source on the path.

  • 2022/06/26: Kelvin Ho on Hospital Assassin’s Attempt on my Life Foiled by my Taiji Training

    Glad that you are still alive and well. We won’t know when taiji will help until it happened.

  • 2022/06/24: Nikolai on What’s the highest level of achievement in taiji?

    Sounds like you are playing in a lottery and waiting for the jackpot. Would you say it today the same way, after all these years of practice? According from what i extracted from the Zoom Lessons, Master Chen already gave away “secret”.

  • 2022/06/24: TryM on “Yilu Detailed Instructions All Six Sections, 2015” Online Video Purchase

    Section 3 opening and ending of no-cut all section 3 moves are missing the movements after the fist of covering the hand. Is it possible to have it fixed and reuploaded? Thanks

  • 2022/06/22: James Tam on “Split-Chen Zhonghua English Instructor Class 20220506” Online Video Purchase

    Training to establish structure is an important first step in Taijiquan form training. The next step is training how to reinforce the structure with power. This video utilizes pouring water or concrete as a visual guide/illustration in how to make the (3D) form full. A simple template exercise of splitting the hand from the dantian is used to explain the components and the actions that are needed to succeed and increase efficiency at this stage of training. The relationship between volumetric stretching and rotation is highlighted.

  • 2022/06/17: Kelvin Ho on “Tile Hand and Sitting the Wrist 20220529” Online Video Purchase


  • 2022/06/16: 207 - Kenny Ly on “Tile Hand and Sitting the Wrist 20220529” Online Video Purchase

    I am unable to view this video.
    All other videos are fine.

    Kenny Ly

  • 2022/06/09: Kelvin Ho on Can I learn a system like taiji through workshops?

    Now we have another option to bridge the time between workshops. It’s the Zoom online class. For more information, please see

  • 2022/06/05: James Chan on Bevel Gear

    One of the translations of 後發先至 is a strike deliver later hits first. This translation is in terms of timing and is not applicable in Practical Method (I say Practical Method because I have never heard this concept explained in other Taiji). In Practical Method, according to Master Chen, 後發先至 refers to direction. The dual tracks and pinion could help to explain this concept. The energy send backward results in energy send forward instantaneously.

  • 2022/06/05: James Chan on Bevel Gear

    Good illustration of an advanced and multi-dimensional concept. Another gear to illustrate Master Chen’s teaching is the dual racks and pinion. This is a linear concept and has been explained and demonstrated by Master Chen in many of his earlier workshops. While the pic below to illustrate dual racks and pinion seems simple, it is not simple to apply but with time and proper teaching one should be able to see results. Other concepts and abilities require to make this work include but not limited to the following (this is based on my own training and understanding and most likely is an incomplete list):
    • Finding (or creating) the pipe, the lines, the dots and the pivot.
    • I use the term pipe to illustrate direction, there may be multiple lines inside a pipe that need to be collapsed into a single line within the pipe.
    • There may be multiple pipes in different directions at the beginning. They will need to be re-aligned into a single pipe in the same direction.
    • Do not move the pipe, the line, the dots and the pivot.
    • Understand and able to apply realignment through extension in opposite directions at the pivot point.
    • Re-alignment may require multiple instances and each instance may have a different pivot point.
    • For energy to go outward apply energy inward (this is in terms of the direction of the energy).
    • For energy to go outward the inner rings must be stronger than the outer rings. (This concept is explained in Master’s Chen video and not repeated here)

    I experimented the dual racks and pinion with Dina Kerr a bit in the last Maple Ridge workshop and am beginning to feel at ease to apply this in my positive and negative circles. The result is amazing. It is like an indirect push by applying energy inward.

    In my opinion, the obvious places to start working on dual racks and pinion are the arms and the legs. When you are able find them and apply them with ease, you can now try to find this in your dantian. Once you are able to find this in your dantien, you can now try to connect all of them through your dantien. If you are able to connect and not stuck, it is a sign that you are able to do some level of 轉關 (re-positioning) and 開胯 (beginning to be able to use the kua to re-position).

    Link to the pic foe dual racks and pinion.

  • 2022/05/27: James Tam on “Straighten out a zigzag-Kelvin Ho Basic Movement Class 20220524″Online Video Purchase

    A useful drill is introduced in this class. It helps train the energy pathway from the feet to the hands. This is a very important step in properly linking the top with the bottom. Participants are given corrective instructions as you follow along, and you get to learn from the mistakes of others as well. Kelvin provides very detailed instructions at a good pace without being overwhelming. Difficulty level is 3/5.

  • 2022/05/24: James Tam on “Ottawa 1999” Online Video Purchase

    Recording of a workshop (two decades ago) of Master Chen Zhonghua in Ottawa. Contents include Hunyuan form demo, practice, and applications. The video is actually only 32 minutes long (not 57 minutes).

  • 2022/05/20: Vikas on “Toronto Workshop September 2012 Volume 2” Online Video Trailer

    I really want to your full course to understand the depth of human inner strengh or optimal utilizing body and apply in my sport if you able share your knowledge I will be glad.

  • 2022/05/16: Kelvin Ho on FAQ

    Hi Saheq,

    Please contact Todd Elihu in Athens.

  • 2022/05/16: James Tam on “Power in the Dang-Kelvin Ho Basic Movement Class 20220510″Online Video Purchase

    Essential video for your resources. Excellent and clear details on proper step in, with a bonus of a drill that you can train alone anywhere.

  • 2022/05/16: Saheq Nhru on FAQ

    Peace and greetings. I posted a couple days ago requesting a contact for practical method training in Atlanta, GA and I saw a reply and an email address to contact Todd Elihu in Athens. When I saw it I was at work and instead of writing the address down i said id come back to it when I had a free moment. I have tbar moment now but for some reason I’m not able to find that comment again. Can you repost that comment please or email it to me? Thank you.

  • 2022/05/13: James Tam on “Split-Damian Jagocz Yilu Corrections 14 to 32-20220429” Online Video Purchase

    A Taiji punch is more than a straight strike. Details are provided on what mechanism operates behind a “simple” taiji punch that makes it more powerful than an ordinary punch.

  • 2022/05/08: Kelvin Ho on Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy Lineage

    Hi Saheq,

    Please contact Todd Elihu in Athens.

  • 2022/05/08: Saheq Nhru on Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy Lineage

    Peace and blessings,

    Do you have any qualified instructors in Atlanta, GA?

  • 2022/05/05: James Chan on “Ottawa Workshop 09 (3)” Online Video Purchase

    Same comment for the Ottawa Workshop 09 (01) and (02) videos.

  • 2022/05/05: James Chan on “Ottawa Workshop 09 (3)” Online Video Purchase

    This is a great hands-on video. Throughout the entire video Master Chen actively taught, engaged and provided correction to each student. The video brings back a lot of fond memories. I can now clearly see the mistakes I was making many years ago.

  • 2022/05/01: Kelvin Ho on My Folder

    Sorry for the inconvenience. I found the issue in the system. You should have access to the videos now. Thanks.

  • 2022/05/01: Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy on My Folder
    Please use this link to see if you can open the files (not the purchase link).

  • 2022/04/30: Duc.Duclos on My Folder

    Just purchased a package and I dont see it in my folder how long does it take to show up?


  • 2022/04/20: Kelvin Ho on FAQ
  • 2022/04/17: Juan on FAQ

    I was interested in learning Taijiquan online. Do you have an online Taijiquan training course?

    Thank you very much…


  • 2022/04/16: James Tam on “Berlin 2012 Mini Lessons” Online Video Trailer

    This video teaches a key element in mastering the skills involved in push hands training. The importance of yin-yang separation manifested in the practical action of separating movement from non-movement is elaborated. From the “simple” (unmoving wall or solid back) to the complex (arbitrarily chosen unmoving dot on the body), Master Chen Zhonghua himself demonstrates different situations and a number of ways on how the separation can be executed effectively in push hands. In the video we can also benefit from watching Master Chen’s corrections of student’s faults. Near the end, the master emphasizes the need to focus on practicing what is being taught at any given time, and not to be distracted by peripheral questions, such as “other” setups and restrictions imposed under previous lessons.

  • 2022/04/14: John Upshaw on “Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20220414” Online Video Purchase

    They’re 3 actions:1. in with elbow, out with hand. 2. There are no horizontal moves on the arms, this is done with the waist. 3. The vertical moves are done with the knees. All of these moves are separate. We tend to blur them together when they need to remain 3 separate actions that have the potential of working together.

  • 2022/04/05: Pradeep on Detailed Hunyuan Qigong Online Video Trailer

    Seems to be good version but I want to know what is the difference between Zhineng Qigong by Dr Pang Ming & this version by GM Feng .

  • 2022/04/04: James Tam on The Ink Blotter Action

    I don’t understand why there is a warning. It would be useful to know which particular part of the description of the ink-blotter action triggered it. [In this discussion, I am not thinking of the follow step description, which is really a separate action. I also understand that it is not about the rocking and really about a pivoting action with the pivot point at the ball of the foot, and that the energy extends from the ankle joint to the toes.]

    I consider shoveling out the leg AND landing with the foot as one basic stepping action that one can observe throughout Yilu training (such as when executing the stepping in Buddha Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar or Single Whip). As John Upshaw pointed out, even if you consider it as two separate actions for single drill purposes, both are still part of the “basics.”

    The key for the shoveling is that it is executed using the underside to stretch the Dang as the leg “slides”/grinds outwards with the toes up. And, when the heel is at the end of its reach, the key is to continue the underside stretch by pivoting at the heel with the “ink-blotter” action. Thus, you can view the last part as “adding” that completes the shifting of the weight from an almost 100% one leg stance into the fundamental 50-50 weight distribution stance. That is, “when you finish taking the step, the dantian returns to the center.*” The ball of the pivoting foot should be “Don’t Move” solid while the ankle joint should be set at a right angle during the active ink-blotter action. The importance of the erect ankle is described in an article written by Ping Wei ( ).

    *(This stepping is a distinguishing feature of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method.)
    Taking a broader view, “Hong also taught that when he learned from Chen Fake there was no shifting of the center to the right, left, backward or forward. “An axis of a wheel can only rotate, not shift” according to Hong’s writings from his interpretation of the classics. Therefore, the center in a same posture always remains in the center and you can power up with either leg. You only shift the center when taking a step. When you shift the center in that case, you do it without moving the spine side to side, but by just opening and sitting on that kua and the opposite leg will then be light in order to move it. When you finish taking the step, the dantian returns to the center.” Paragraph from

  • 2022/04/03: John Upshaw on The Ink Blotter Action

    Both this drill and the shoveling are essential. Pick one to train at a time. I think watching the video first (I participated in the lesson), then reading it made concrete and operationalized…I’m a visual learner and I have often asked Master Chen to “show me”. Reading what I learned from what other’s write or writing it out myself embeds the lesson in my mind…and there is the “need” to physically train the move.

  • 2022/04/03: Pawel Mueller on The Ink Blotter Action

    This info is right. BUT it really is something for people who learned the basics. And in this case this would be the correct procedure of shoveling out. Otherwise the instructions given here can be easily misunderstood.
    I don’t want to go through the right process here. There are videos about it. Go look at them.
    But be aware to get this procedure right first. You might actually harm yourself otherwise trying to implement wha kelvin explains here.
    Nothing against Kelvin! This is all correct and ver much worth sharing.

    So learn shoveling out first, take some month implementing it into your form, then add this piece of information.

    Keep on practicing

  • 2022/03/29: James Tam on Notes for Practical Method Iowa Workshop 2015

    OK. Slow sailing. The worm finally got it. The inch worm indeed. Thanks. 🙂

  • 2022/03/28: Rick Pietila on “Toronto 2-3” Online Video Trailer

    Thank you sir!

  • 2022/03/27: Kelvin Ho on “Toronto 2-3” Online Video Trailer


  • 2022/03/27: Rick Pietila on “Toronto 2-3” Online Video Trailer

    Hi. I purchased this Toronto 2-3 video today, March 27th, 2022 and it does not load. Can an admin please fix it? Thank you.

  • 2022/03/22: nick tangri on “Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20220303” Online Video Purchase

    Hi Bill,
    apologies for not replying sooner, i wrote down the method, but not which video it came from. I tried to find it but haven’t yet.
    Kelvin, thanks for replying and helping out.
    The video itself is important, someone should remember it.
    Its not my place to give advice on technique i know, but the method is simple and effective, and i feel an obligation now to explain. Of course the video itself is the best explanation. A picture is worth a thousand words.
    The method i guess, came about in order to open the kua evenly. If we try to open the kua by stretching knee against kua and dantien against kua, we can never match the two. One will pull more than the other.
    The method is to focus on the inguinal crease, pick a point on the bottom of this line, the under side of the kua and arc this point upward in an arc, towards the top of the kua. You should feel both sides open together. I think of this as rotating about the thigh bone so as not to move horizontally.
    Again, its really not my place to explain this, If anyone can give a better description, or preferably remember which video this came from, please help out,

  • 2022/03/22: Bill Cullen on “Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20220303” Online Video Purchase

    Thank you Kelvin!

  • 2022/03/16: Kelvin Ho on “Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20220303” Online Video Purchase
  • 2022/03/16: Bill Cullen on “Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20220303” Online Video Purchase

    Nick, Your post is a good testimonial to the effectiveness of proper training in the Practical Method. I was wondering if you could name the “earlier video” where Master Chen showed the correct way to open the kua evenly. Thank you

  • 2022/03/13: nick tangri on “Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20220303” Online Video Purchase

    Coincidence? Maybe. Much gratitude certainly.
    About 2 weeks ago i began to experience pain in my hip flexor muscle causing pain down my left leg. Sciatic nerve problem. The problem was not a slipped disc as i had full range of movement and could still touch my toes. There has been a tighteness in the muscle.
    About 3 days ago problem became much worse, pain was constant, and i could not find a comfortable position. I could only take about 10 steps before stopping, doubled over. The doctor gave me prescription only panadiene, which helped. However i had to take so many that i had to go back to the doctor the next day to get more pills.
    I was also on Youtube checking out all the expert videos on the subject. There are a lot.
    All the recommended stretches and strengthening excercises only aggravated the muscle, none gave me any relief.
    I guess you know where this is leading, only a few minutes into the video i found my stretch. Thank you.
    I locked the opposite kua and stretched the affected kua against the locked one. In an earlier video Master Chen showed the correct way to open the kua evenly. The bottom point of the kua curls upward to open evenly to the knee and also to the dantien. I was able to stretch open what was tight and even though the area is still tender i had instant relief. I am comfortable, and can walk freely.
    Australia are playing Pakistan in the cricket tonight, i can now enjoy.

  • 2022/03/12: James Tam on “Figure 8 Kua-Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20220302” Online Video Purchase

    This (“Figure 8 Kua-Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 2022.03.02”) video is an excellent companion to the other video “Figure 8 Strech-Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20220303.” This one is about the upper limbs and a bit more complex to follow. It explicitly describes the concept of a switch as an action that would go around a wall/barrier and allow the Figure 8 to be executed without obstruction. Practical advice on how to focus on and force training switching actions in Yilu practice (for upper and lower limbs) is provided.

  • 2022/03/12: John Upshaw on “Broadsword on the Body-Chen Zhonghua English Instructor Class 20220311” Online Video Purchase

    This is a phenomenal Broadsword lesson that I am immediately integrating into my training plan. Master Chen instructed us on how train the Broadsword by locking the sword to your torso and using your waist to move the sword. It also speaks to lessons he has been teaching the past several weeks on keeping the structure of your outside locked and using your inside to move one’s outside.

    Master Chen taught to use the pole to train the waist. Lock the front hand use the elbow powered by the waist to make a big circles with the tip of the pole. Lock the elbow use the rear hand powered by the waist to make small circles with the tip of the pole.

    These instructions look awkward when doing the sword forms. I’ve been practicing sword for a number of years and I have been at a plateau for a long time…these training methods have the potential of taking me to the next level…it’s a matter of doing it!

  • 2022/03/11: Karen Mattox on “Move 47 to 50 – Kelvin Ho Yilu Class 20220308″Online Video Purchase

    Thank you for including the move numbers/names (English and Chinese) in the video descriptions!! So helpful.

  • 2022/03/10: Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy on Basic Foundations 2009 Online Video Trailer

    Yes, this is a good start.
    You can also sign up for online lessons:

  • 2022/03/10: Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy on “Chen Zhonghua’s Online Lesson 2020-1104” Online Video Purchase
  • 2022/03/10: James Tam on “Figure 8 Strech-Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20220303” Online Video Purchase

    In this video Master Chen Zhonghua explains very precisely the goal and key linkages for properly executing the “kua” movements in the “Figure 8” drill. Beginners will be able to follow and carry out the drill accurately right away. For the intermediate, and even the advanced practitioners, this video can help you gain an accurate and deeper understanding of the fundamental actions of stretching, placement, and alignment of sticks and joints in the body, hinged on a triangular structure in 3D space. That is, while it is often said that the building blocks for Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method are the positive and negative circles, the truth is that one has to actualize the circles with real actions of the bones and soft tissues of the human body. This video shows exactly how.

  • 2022/03/10: Tel Bert on “Chen Zhonghua’s Online Lesson 2020-1104” Online Video Purchase

    As person absolutely new to Taiji and having only information about the greatness of Taiji, can this video serve as a starter for my Taiji learning?

  • 2022/03/10: Tel Bert on Basic Foundations 2009 Online Video Trailer

    Hey I am new to Taiji. Can I buy this and learn Taiji ? I do understand the extreme difficulty to learn through video though. Please give guidance.

  • 2022/03/10: Tel Bert on 2022 Yilu Online Class by Kelvin Ho

    Sir, I am newbie to Taiji. Can I learn from online class?

  • 2022/03/08: James Tam on “General theory of practical method” Online Video Trailer

    How to rotate? How to not move? How to open? In learning, one need to have not only a goal and a method of studying and absorbing the details of the subject matter. A framework of understanding at the beginning is important in guiding and organizing the pile of information that you will be accumulating. A framework is a lighthouse keeping your focussed. This video is that lighthouse and pillar for your schooling in Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method.

  • 2022/03/05: Carlotta Viviani on “Who Is First?” Online Video Purchase

    Adding some other considerations after reviewing Shifu‘s English Instructors class.
    If something is so fast you cannot see it (like the animal cannot see the shot arrow), we can also say that if we cannot see it, it‘s fast. Yin-yang reversal.
    The shape is a dot. If we have a line we have length, but we can be in a position where our opponent only sees a dot. A dot moving in space is very difficult to see.
    If time is cheated, space also disappears. And we can reverse it. If space is not there, there is no time.
    Our body parts must be very tight, no space.

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