First week on the mountain

by Spencer Jones on 2012/05/13

This is my first trip to Daqingshan.  In fact, this is my first week studying the practical method outside of videos.  I think the videos were helpful in a sense (mainly in that they brought me here), but were very frustrating for me and ultimately left me with a lot of questions.  Therefore, I came to the practical method in much the same way I approached my previous taiji experience- by filling in the gaps with what I derived from the classics, and from taiji books.  But if you’ve been on the same path you know how terribly unsatisfying the piecemeal effort becomes.  I think that any art, after being diluted by the years and by people who have maybe less than a complete understanding of the system, is loosened from its foundation, scattered, and left to interpretation.  I am writing this because I am happy with my decision to come here.  It is finally clear that taiji is not about interpretation.  It is an exact science that takes years and years of application and receptiveness to acquire.  I think I’ve always known intuitively how vast the content of taiji is, but it is nice to finally see that represented in a few individuals.  There is no substitute for qualified teachers that have a comprehensive and very physical grasp on taiji principles.  (Many of the principles I’ve been reading about for the last few years now seem erroneous due to very obvious translation problems).  I think the videos will be more enlightening after this summer, having had a few months of hands-on study with the system.  The training will be quite an undertaking, unlearning old habits and retraining the body.  It is not easy.  I am humbled, but at the same time excited about the confidence that comes with knowing I am on the right path.

Oh and the view isn’t half bad either…


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May Chen June 10, 2012 at 4:27 am

Spencer, I totally agree with you. This May being my first stay at DQS also! Unlearning old habits and retraining the body is quite an undertaking but really satisfying, knowing this time we can’t go very wrong! I saw your form when you first arrived and when I left, you’ve already made progress! So stick to it! You’re on the right path!! Hurray! Now comes the hard work, patience and endurance! Good luck!


Spencer Jones June 11, 2012 at 11:05 pm

Thanks for the encouragement May! It was so nice meeting you. Hopefully we will have more time together on Daqingshan in the years to come. Good luck to you too!


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