Ketong Lin

The thirteen modes of Taijiquan are: Peng(), Lu(), Ji(), An(), Cai(), Lie(), Zhou(), Kao(), Forward(), Backward(退), Observing Left(), Beholding Right(), and Holding Center(中定).

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Learning Practical Method on Daqingshan (3)

My Fourth Visit to Daqingshan

If you want to be strong, do Taiji! If you want to be healthy, do Taiji!If you want to be smart, do Taiji!

–         From ancient Greek adage

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Happy Chinese New Year to Master Chen and everyone!


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2009年10月,第一次上大青山,认识了陈老师,初次领略了实用拳法的奥妙,前已为文记之。下山时,便许下愿心,日后有机会定当再次上山。其实,这想法自然不过。我在大青山上遇见的拳友,没有不被陈老师的为人和功夫所折服的,几乎所有人上山都不止一次。 Read more

If you told me I would go from Hong Kong to spend a few day in a mountain in Shandong that I had never heard of via Beijing and via train travel, I would say that you have got to be kidding. But this past October, that was what I did. Read more