Hong Junsheng

This is a chapter of the rare writing by Hong Junsheng that just surfaced recently. Here it is for readers of our website.

The old Chen Style Taijiquan Treatise begins with “Taijiquan, the method of Chan.” This is the characteristic of taijiquan. It is this point that it conforms to physiology; it is also this point that it conforms to physical dynamics. Read more

One: Solemn i

by Hong Junsheng on 2010/10/26

Though Taijiquan belongs to the realm of traditional sport, it is a perfect art form with precise theory and complex methodology. It is also a suitable method for people’s health. Students of this art should follow the rules strictly and go for the difficulties. They should carefully seek the regularities. In doing so, the first requirement is “solemn.” Read more

All movements in Taijiquan are extracted from daily life. If you don’t understand the interchanges of shun and ni, you don’t understand Taijiquan. You don’t understand life either.
—Hong Junsheng

No worries in front of poverty
No fear faced with danger
No imploring in front of authority
Without guilt in life

Ten: Reserve i

by Hong Junsheng on 1988/06/08


To excessively expose the spirit is another error that must be re- solved. To accomplish this, one must also be reserved. Read more

Chen Fake 3

by Hong Junsheng on 1988/03/20

The history of human conflict is dotted with the names of famous martial artists. Although each is known for his high level of skill, some became famous because of their extreme brutality and cruelty, while others became famous for their compassion, and virtuous character. One martial artist who is well known for his acts of compassion and virtuous character is the legendary Taijiquan master Chen Fake. Read more

Because there have been many educated people practicing Taijiquan many periodicals on Taijiquan have been published, even before liberation [1949]. Read more